Minecraft 2b2t Server IP Address

2b2t is a no-rules Minecraft survival server where you can build whatever you desire but also cause as much destruction and chaos as you wish.

How to Join 2b2t

What MC Versions can I Join 2b2t on?

2b2t supports the latest MC versions

What is 2b2t?

2b2t is one of the oldest servers on Minecraft. Founded in late 2010, it is now over 11 years old and still attaining a high player base.

The 2b2t server is one like no other. There are NO rules. When I say no rules, I literally mean none. You can hack, PvP anyone at any point, and destroy other players’ builds. Basically, you cannot get banned.

But what can you do on the server? It is an open world where players can explore, build, destroy, and PvP wherever they want. The server has one main goal which is to never reset. That is where it gets interesting! Because this server has never been reset in over 11 years. You can begin to imagine the chaos!

How Big is the 2b2t World?

The 2b2t world is 60 million blocks by 60 million blocks! So if you go 30 million blocks in the same direction from spawn, you will reach the world border.

How long will it take to reach the 2b2t world border?

From spawn, you need to travel 30 million blocks to reach the border. It takes you around 10 minutes to walk 1,000 blocks in Minecraft. Sprinting only makes you 30% faster so let’s say you can run 1,000 blocks every 7 minutes. Now you have to do this 30,000 times… So 30,000 x 7 minutes is 210,000 minutes. Divide that by 60 to find out how many hours it will take you. Therefore, it will take around 3,500 hours to run to the world border in the overworld on the 2b2t server. However, who will run when you can hack and use the nether?

What is the fastest way to travel on 2b2t?

Using hacks will mean you can fly. A much faster transportation method. You can also travel through the nether meaning you cover 8 times less distance than traveling in the overworld.

2b2t installed an anti-cheat for fast-flying hacks but there are still ways to fly. For example, the boat flying trick is the fastest way to travel on the 2b2t server at this moment in time. To do this, look up how to boat fly on 2b2t on Google or YouTube. There are many helpful tutorials.

If you are unable to install any fly hacks that bypass the anti-cheat, then you can still use the nether to speed up your progress by 8 times! This would reduce the time taken to run to the overworld border down to around 437 hours from 3,500.

2b2t Waiting Times

A question that many people comment on in my video is ‘Why is there a large queue when I log onto the 2b2t server?’. Unfortunately, the waiting times are one downside to this incredible, historic server.

I believe the main reason why the waiting times are so long is because of the cost to run the server. Because the server never gets reset, the file size to run this enormous server is now over 500 gigabytes. You can do whatever you want on the server so having ranks/perks for purchasing would be ignored by most players as they would provide little or no benefit. Therefore, if the server is too busy then a queue is created trying to make people pay a fee to skip the queue. It costs $20 a month to skip this long queue. Worth it if you are going to play the server a lot.

There are other reasons for this queue. Another would be if thousands of players were let onto the server at once then player’s builds would be destroyed a lot quicker. A lot of people’s builds go untouched for years, allowing them to build some unbelievable projects. If this destruction time is reduced dramatically then the server would lose these talented builders.

How to Find Safe Spot on 2b2t

Let’s put it clear that no spot is safe on 2b2t. However, if you put in the time and have a bit of luck, you could go years before someone finds your build.

If you want a spot for years then your best bet is to travel tens of millions of blocks out from spawn. And do not travel in the same direction, e.g. run directly North, South, East, or West. Travel in a slightly diagonal pathway. You also want to keep away from the highway. The highways are displayed in the image below:

map of 2b2t

The outer ring is at 3.75 million blocks out from spawn so ideally, you need to go way past this highway if you want to be undercover for as long as possible.