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The AkumaMC is a new, upcoming Minecraft server that has already gained a good player base. It offers OP Prison with many awesome unique additions, with Skyblock and Survival coming soon. You can join this server on Java edition or Bedrock by using the relevant server IPs to your left.

How to Join the AkumaMC Server

What MC Versions can I Join AkumaMC on?

AkumaMC supports 1.19 on Java edition and Bedrock.

More Details About the AkumaMC Gamemodes

Here is more information about all of the gamemodes on AkumaMC

OP Prison

On this OP Prison server, you receive your own private mine. No more sharing! You have to upgrade your mine as you obtain more tokens.

An awesome feature of this OP Prison server is your personal prison miner. Your personal miner can mine for you or even with you to increase your earnings. The miner has a battery so can only be used for short periods of time. To charge his battery, send him back to being idle.

Tokens can also be spent on upgrading your miner. These miner upgrades include:

  • Fortune- Increases the number of blocks your miner mines
  • Speed- Increases the speed of your miner
  • Jackhammer- Gives your miner a chance to break a full layer of the mine
  • Battery- Increases your miner’s capacity of his battery
  • Scavenger- Has a chance of finding loot boxes whilst mining
  • What hit me? Has a chance of the miner being struck be lightning which instantly fully recharges his battery

You can also get the Titan rank for free by completing the tutorial quests. 


Coming soon


Coming soon


A remarkable feature of the AkumaMC hub is the enderpearl. This allows you to quickly travel around the Hub and even fly by spamming the enderpearl as you do not have to wait for it to land. Try getting to the top of the sky to see the excellent Hub build.

There is also a parkour course in the Hub. Right-click the feather in your inventory to attempt to complete it. 1 of the jumps I believe is impossible so just use your enderpearl to get up to it. See if you can spot which one I mean.