Best Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Browse through these best Bedrock servers. Each Bedrock server needs an IP and a port. 

How to Join a Bedrock Minecraft Server

When you add a new multiplayer server to your cross platform console, you will need to add the ‘Server Name’, ‘Server Address’, and the ‘Port’.

The server name can be something you will remember it as. The Bedrock server address and port have to match precisely, otherwise you will not be able to connect.

What is Minecraft Bedrock?

Minecraft Bedrock edition allows players to cross-platform on multiplayer servers. It is accessible on PC, consoles, mobile devices.

Crossplay is where players can play with their friends who are on a different platform. For example, an Xbox player can play with a Nintendo Switch. If you have windows 10 or 11, you can play both Java edition or Bedrock edition. Both options will appear on your launcher.

Bedrock receives the same updates as Java but are called Beta versions rather than snapshots.

If you’re selecting what platform to play Bedrock on, you should consider that consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation require an Xbox Live an PlayStation Plus membership. On Java PC, you do not need to pay for a recurring membership.

Another benefit of playing on Minecraft Bedrock compared to Minecraft Java edition is that it makes it easier to add customization options. On Java edition, it is quite difficult to install and add Minecraft mods. However, it is more straightforward on Bedrock edition, because of its content store called Minecraft Marketplace. The content on this is all monitored by Mojang, ensuring it is all high quality content.