Minecraft Bedwars Server Address

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Hypixel was the first server to initiate and launch Bedwars back in 2017. After this launch, the Hypixel server flourished in players and has since had over 15 million people playing bedwars on the server.

How to join a Minecraft Bedwars Server

Many bedwars server IP addresses are showcased in this article below, or watch these videos to join a Minecraft bedwars server address on pc:

There are many bedwars servers now out there, so we also created a video on 5 bedwars servers you can join. The Hypixl IP is showcased in this list:

Here is more information about all the servers showcased in these videos:

Blocks MC Server

  • Player Count (at the time of writing)- 3709
  • Provide bedwars and eggwars
  • Can play bedwars in solo, doubles, 3v3v3v3 or 4v4v4v4
  • 5 maps can be selected. However, there are more than 5 maps. Once a map is in process, it gets rotated out of the selection menu.
  • The best bedwars player on the server currently has 20,379 wins

BlocksMC Server Address- play.blocksmc.com

Hypixel Server

  • Most played bedwars server of all time
  • Thousands of players on bedwars at once
  • Bedwars playlists include solos, duos, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4, 4v4 and armed
  • The most bedwars wins a single player has on Hypixel is currently 44,919

Hypixel Server Address- mc.hypixel.net

Herobrine Server

  • Only duos and quads are available
  • Can play bedwars on version 1.18.9 or above
  • The most amount of doubles bedwars wins is currently at 4,511
  • 11,402 is the number of wins the top player has in quads

Herobrine Server Address- herobrine.org

Mineland Server

  • Stats are done over a week meaning it is possible for new players to feature
  • Over 20 kits are available to start the game
  • Custom bedwars maps
  • Playlists include solos, doubles, triples and quads

Mineland Server Address- hd.play-ml.ru

JartexNetwork Server

  • Bedwars must be played on versions between 1.8-1.18
  • The highest win streak on the Jartex server in 852 wins in a row!
  • The playing with the most amount of wins is currently sitting at 12,832
  • Solos, doubles, triples, and quadruples can be played

JartexNetwork Server Address- play.jartexnetwork.com

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