Bedwars Servers To Join

These are the most popular bedwars servers in Minecraft. Click on the server you want to join to find out its bedwars server IP address. 

How to Join a Minecraft Bedwars Server

This short YouTube video showcases how to join a bedwars server IP in Minecraft. 

The Minecraft bedwars server IP displayed in the video is the Hypixel server. This was the first server to initiate and launch Bedwars back in 2017. After this launch, the Hypixel server flourished in players and has since had over 15 million people playing bedwars on the server.

To play another bedwars server, replace the bedwars server address with the correct bedwars IP for your desired server.

What is Minecraft Bedwars?

The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy beds and protect yours! Once a bed has been destroyed, that team can no longer respawn. However, it is worth noting that you can still win the game without a bed, just do not die!

Each team starts on its own island. On your island, you will find the bed that you must protect, an iron and gold generator, and two shops. Diamonds and emeralds can also be found by venturing out onto other islands. Emeralds are always found in the middle of the map and diamonds are found on the island in front or besides your starter island depending on the map. One shop is to spend your diamonds which upgrades your armor protection, sword sharpness, create island traps, and more! The other shop allows you to spend iron, gold, and emerald where you purchase weapons, armor, blocks, potions, and many more.

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Minecraft Bedwars Guide - How to win in Minecraft Bedwars

This guide is designed for all standards of players. The first half is for players who are just starting out and the second half is for the more experienced players wanting to improve minor aspects of their game.

Team Roles

Duo bedwars is the most popular playlist and it requires good teamwork and communication so it is recommended to be in a Discord call (or whatever platform you use) with your friends/teammates.

Before the game begins, discuss roles. If you are playing duos, have 1 player protect the bed and the other player rush an opposition island. If you are playing trios or quads, the third and fourth players can adventure onto the diamond and emerald island generators or even rush a second opposition if you are confident in your team’s PvP abilities.

Rushing Your Opponents

Why is rushing your opponents better than gathering resources?

Rushing a nearby neighbor not only gives them an unexpected surprise that they were not anticipating but it also improves your PvP skills. The more fights you take, the quicker you will improve. In the advanced guide below, we discuss how you can bridge over to your opponents in the fastest way possible.

Once you destroy the bed and eliminate your neighbors, it is important to gather some diamonds and emeralds to avoid falling far behind the progress of other teams.

How to Speed Bridge in Minecraft

Bridging over to your opponents whilst crouching all the time is the slowest method. By the time you have got halfway across, you will have been spotted. Unless you are playing a noob. Being spotted is not the end of the world, you still want to continue bridging but it is important you learn a faster bridging method.

To do this faster, you want to crouch, place your block, uncrouch, move closer to the edge, then repeat…

If you misclick or mistime anything then you will fall off! This may take time to master. I advise you to practice this skill in creative mode.

Once you are competent with this bridging technique, scroll down to our Jitter Bridging tutorial in our advanced player guide.


When I say economy, I am talking about saving resources to keep your team wealthy. The last thing you want is to die with all your items and have to grind back to what you had.

So what should you spend your money on? After purchasing blocks to protect your bed and bridge towards your opponents, you should focus on buying armor. Once you buy an upgraded set of armor, you do not lose it once you die. So investing in your armor early game can pay off later on.

Remember you can store items too! Each team has a shared chest and an ender chest for themselves. Bear in mind that you lose all items in your inventory when you die so making use of these chests can save you a lot of resources in case you die.

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Knockback sticks and punch bows can be purchased using gold and emeralds. These items can be a game-changer in PvP battles because the majority of your fights take place at the edge of a cliff. Having a punch bow will often result in winning the battle before you even get to close-quarter combat.

F5- Third Person View

Minecraft can be played in first-person and third-person camera angles. So making use of the F5 to play in the third person can be a great way to sneak around, giving you visibility on your opponents in situations where they cannot see you.

How to Jitter Bridge in Minecraft Bedwars (Advanced)

Jitter bridging in bedwars provides two main benefits. It gets you to your destination faster and provides the high ground.

Step 1- face backward

Step 2- press S to move back (do not hold S in)

Step 3- Jump before you fall off the cliff

Step 4- place two blocks. You should have ended up 1 block behind and 1 block higher.

Step 5- Repeat only until necessary. You do not want to keep going higher, so jitter bridge to your desired Y level and then continue speed bridging normally to your island destination.

This will take a lot of practice so I recommend trying it in creative mode before you put this into the matches.

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How to Double Jump in Minecraft Bedwars

Double jumping in bedwars can be an even faster way of rushing to the middle. This only works on certain maps where the middle islands are only a few blocks apart.

Step 1- Whilst sprinting forwards, jump and place 1 block underneath you. This block must be placed 4 blocks away from the cliff.

Step 2- Instantly jump again once landed on the block you just placed.

Step 3- Place two blocks underneath you at the very edge of the cliff

Step 4- Again, jump instantly once landed on the new stack of blocks you just placed. You should have been pressing W and sprinting the whole way through.

This will allow you to jump further and make a jump you may not have made without the high ground.

PvP Block Placements

If you run into a block during a PvP fight, it can mess up your whole rhythm. To take advantage of this, place a block in front of an onrushing opponent. If they successfully run into your strategically placed block, it should enable you to get the first hit and potentially even a combo.

This PvP skill has to be timed to perfection. If you place the block just as your opponent has jumped forward, they cannot avoid it but this timing is difficult to master. You also have to be quick at switching items in your hot bar.

Do be careful not to run into your own block though! It is often best to place your block, let the opponent run into it, then proceed moving forward.

Hopefully, some of these bedwars tips in Minecraft can help you on your way to becoming the next bedwars pro!