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BlocksMC is a popular Arabic Minecraft server. It can be translated into English.

There are a broad range of gamemodes for you to play.

How to Join BlocksMC

What MC Versions can I Join BlocksMC on?

BlocksMC can be played on versions 1.8. It did not work on 1.19. Other versions are untested.

More Details About the BlocksMC Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular BlocksMC gamemodes.


Not too different to other bedwars servers in terms of economy, map layouts etc. A good feature I did like is you can join the playlist (e.g. solos) and then the map you want to play, rather than it being a random map. So if you have a favorite map then you can play this as often as you like.


Similar to BedWars, but with a slightly different economy and defending an egg. In the EggWars hub, you can spend tokens to receive items at the start of your next game. These tokens are won by playing the game.


A fantastic, fast-paced SkyWars mode. The best part of the BlocksMC SkyWars is that the kits are free for everyone to use. This means it is not a pay-to-win game. On my first game, I selected the ender pearl kit but I recommend not. On most maps, the islands and middle platforms are so close to each other that ender pearls become useless. The bow class is the best class in my opinion as this is the best weapon for this gamemode.


On this creative server, you get given your own plot to build whatever you wish. Type /plot auto to begin. The size of your plot in 200 by 200 blocks.

Hide n Seek

A classic gamemode that many enjoy. A good feature about hide and seek on this server is that you can select the block you hide as. On other servers, it is often random. However, small blocks such as plant pots are forbidden.

Survival Games

The survival game maps look outstanding. They are quite large maps but most acquire a lot of water. This makes the maps seem bigger than what they are because most players avoid going in the water. A popular map is the Revolution and Revolution V2.

Lucky Block Wars

Similar game to SkyWars but the chests are replaced with lucky blocks. I recommend trying to get over to the middle island first because there are tons of lucky blocks situated there. On your spawn island, you only get 2 lucky blocks.