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BlossomCraft is a Minecraft server that specializes in multiplayer survival. With a unique texture pack and custom items, we’re certain you will love this survival server.

How to Join BlossomCraft in Minecraft

What MC Versions can I Join BlossomCraft on?

BlossomCraft is a 1.19 Minecraft survival server.

More Details About BlossomCraft Survival

BlossomCraft has many interesting and cool features in its 4 survival realms. 

Resource Pack

First of all, when you initially join the server, you must download their custom resource pack which only takes 1 click and a few seconds. This resource pack enables custom items and blocks.


When you first start, you have the option to teleport to 4 different biomes: the normal world, the resource world, the end world, and the nether world. The resource world is a distinctive feature of this server. This world wipes every few months so make sure you do not build here. It is primarily used for gathering resources which is why job income is boosted by 20% only for this Resource world. 


Talking about jobs, many survival servers allow players to occupy a job to boost their income for selling certain materials. BlossomCraft does the same but offers more job roles than most (if not all) survival servers. Some jobs listed on this server that I have not seen before, include a brewer and a florist. You can also see how many other players have taken up each job role which could indicate which job will make you the most money in this economy.

Claiming Land

Land claiming is done slightly differently on this server. Rather than chunk claiming, you can claim to exact blocks by using a gold shovel. Any gold shovel can be used as a claiming tool but you are given one with the claiming instructions at the beginning.


Towns can be created by a group of players. If you wish to visit some towns, visit the player warps merchant at spawn, click ‘towns’, then select which town you would like to visit. Some towns accept new entry submissions if they are recruiting.

These are only a few of the awesome features we found on this server. Join for yourself and find out what else this survival server has to offer.