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The Complex Gaming Minecraft server is one of the most active MC servers as of 2023. With its unique texture pack and features, we are certain you will love this server.

How to Join Complex Gaming

What MC Versions can I Join Complex Gaming on?

Complex Gaming can be played on versions 1.16 and above. It might be playable on lower versions but we have not tested these.

More Details About the Complex Gaming Gamemodes

Here is more information about the Complex Gaming gamemodes.


CG offers a unique and awesome creative server. It provides a bigger plot, allowing you more freedom to build. It also gives you a wand for world editing and more tools such as paint brushes to create shapes.

At the moment, the creative server only goes up to 1.16. You can still join on the latest versions but any new blocks added to the game after 1.16 will not be accessible for your build.


With maps only lasting 2 months, this server offers a fast-paced Factions server. 

Check out our Best Factions servers page to learn more about Factions. We have created a guide below the listed servers. 

What is different from this Factions server to others? From initial impressions, this server offers some unique features that other Factions don’t. Firstly, you can have bounty hunters. Players can create a bounty for who they want to be killed and how much they will pay someone for it. You get taxed 10% when creating a bounty so be careful how high you set it.

Another unique feature is leaderboards for almost everything which includes PvP, crops harvested, mobs kills, time played, and many more. The top 10 players in each leaderboard receive points from 10 for first place and 1 point for 10th. There is then an overall leaderboard where the top 5 scoring players receive store credits. $135 is given out each week.

Finally, you can open a daily reward from the postman at spawn. The rewards may change from day to day but items you can win are experience pouches, money pouches and possibly more.


Survival is the latest addition to the Complex Gaming server. 

When you join the survival server, we recommend taking the tutorial. Not only does it give you a good insight into where to find everything you need, but you are also rewarded with $2,000 and 3 vote keys for completing the tutorial.

On this survival server, you can buy furniture for your home. You must have installed their custom mod pack to access this (which everyone has to do anyway). Furniture that is available to buy, ranges from TV’s, custom chairs and tables, and many more items you cannot get anywhere else in Minecraft.

To stop players from griefing and stealing your home, you can claim up to 25 chunks.


The starting island is much larger on the CG server. You also get given a cobblestone generator pre-made.

Another major difference is that you should find a Sell Portal in the starter chest. Place this in an open 5×5 area. Anything you drop in this portal that is eligible to sell goes toward your island’s leaderboard value.


Again, we recommend doing /tutorial or visiting the Professor to guide you through the key information about this Prison server. It tells you everything you need to know and rewards you with $2000 which enables you to /rankup immediately, meaning you don’t even need to step foot in /mine a

Each time you rank up you get given a crate key which can give you awesome gear and items.

Mines reset when they have been 35% destroyed.


A mix of Minecraft and Pokemon combined! To play this gamemode you must manually install the mod pack. There is a tutorial on the server if you are unsure.