Minecraft Creative Servers To Join

The beauty about Minecraft Creative servers is that you can play with friends. Click on any of the following servers to find its server IP address.

How to Join a Minecraft Creative Server

When on the Minecraft menu, click Multiplayer, then ‘Add Server’.

You can name the server whatever you like, e.g. ‘Creative Server’ or the actual name of the server.

Using any of the creative server IP’s above, copy the server IP address and paste it into the ‘server address’ box.

If you are still unsure, use this video as a reference.

What is a Minecraft Creative Server?

A Minecraft creative server is where you get given the freedom to build anything you want. You receive your own personal plot that possesses enormous space. With access to unlimited resources, you truly can express your creative talent.

To play with friends, you can invite players to your plot and give them access. Check out the essential commands for this below.

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Commands you need to know in a Creative Minecraft Server

Commands may vary from one server to another. These are the most common commands that many creative servers use. If these do not work, then usually typing /help or /plot help will display the essential commands.

  • /plot create – teleports you to your personal plot
  • /plot sethome – remember to set your home before you lose progress
  • /plot delete – deletes your plot if you want to restart
  • /plot add (name) – add a friend to your plot
  • /plot remove (name) – kick a player from your plot
  • /plot chat – only chat with friends in your plot

There are many more commands but these are the important commands to get your creative plot up and running.

How to use World Edit in Minecraft Creative Servers

Building Minecraft structures can be one of the most fun aspects of the game. However, large builds often require thousands and thousands of blocks. Placing these one by one can become repetitive and soul-destroying.

This is where world edit comes in. World edit is where you can copy and paste blocks, spawn in certain shapes such as spheres and circles, to help manipulate and make your project easier and quicker to build.

Some servers may have word edit included in their plugins, making it accessible and ready-to-use. 

If the creative Minecraft server you play on does not have world edit incorporated, then you can install it as a mod. Download the WorldEdit’s .jar file. Once this is downloaded, read this article on how to add mods in Minecraft.

When you have the world edit mod installed and active on your Minecraft version, you will need to learn the basics of how to use it.

The easiest method to use world edit in Minecraft is to type the //wand command. This grants you the magic world edit wand in your inventory. It’s actually just a wooden axe. But it still does the magic! 

Once you have the wand in your hand, left click the starting position of what you wish to copy or modify, then right click the end position. You can modify the blocks selected by typing //set stone. This will change all the blocks selected in this range to stone.

To copy your selected blocks, type //copy then left click and right click to the position you would like to //paste it to.

7 Build Ideas for Minecraft Creative Mode

Deciding what to build in your creative plot can surprisingly be a tricky decision. Here are 7 cool build ideas:

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