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CubeCraft Games is one of the most well-known Minecraft servers. After starting in 2011, it has achieved outstanding numbers. Join thousands of players by using the CubeCraft server IP in the green box.

How to Join CubeCraft Games

What MC Versions can I Join CubeCraft on?

According to the official Cubecraft website, you can join the server on any version at 1.8 or above.

More Details About CubeCraft Games

Here is more information about the more popular CubeCraft gamemodes.


Most servers call it bedwars these days, but CubeCraft has opted for EggWars. Very similar but a different style and economy.

Firstly, there are only teams of 4. This leads to a much slower paced game compared to bedwars as more people protect the egg. Other factors lead to CubeCraft’s EggWars being a slower gamemode. This include it being easier to get obsidian and the fact that you lose all your gear when you die. This makes you have to grind up all over, before you can attack again.

Other differences were that diamonds were not used for upgrades such as high protection and sharpness. They were instead used for higher tiers of weapons and armor. The nearby diamond generator had to be unlocked.

Each island has 4 iron generators, 1 for each player. I like this feature as it means players do not fight over the resources.

You may also notice that you only have 5 hearts instead of 10. However, I didn’t notice a difference in the PvP times so I assume that damage is halved.

Finally, another difference between bedwars and CubeCraft’s eggwars was that gold generators could only be found in the center, not on your own island.

Lucky Islands (Lucky Block)

Get prepared for absolute chaos. Anything can happen in this gamemode. 

At Pro MB Gaming, we test each gamemode. The game we played for this, I got trapped in a room full of witches after opening a lucky block (unlucky in this scenario). At this point, my pickaxe broke so I could not escape. So yes, be prepared for anything.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the sponges are the lucky blocks. That wasn’t too clear from the start.


Only solo SkyWars are available. This version of SkyWars is very very fast-paced, which is what SkyWars should be. Before the game, rank members can vote on the rarity of loot in chests, the time of day, and more. 


This is one of the best SkyBlock servers I have played. Everything is straightforward. You have an island villager that gives you access to the shop and quests. You can also buy mob spawners and block generators. The variety of items you can buy and sell in the shop is limited compared to other servers, but I like how it is easy to access everything.

Free For All (PvP)

A fantastic PvP arena that has an active player base and a wide range of kits available without having to pay for a rank.


CubeCraft has created an outstanding parkour server. You can select your level: simple, easy, medium, or hard. Within each level are hundreds of parkour courses to complete. 

When you start a parkour course, the timer begins. Depending on how quickly you complete the course depends on whether you get a gold, silver, or bronze. See if you can complete all the courses and receive a gold medal.