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The Donut SMP is a hardcore Minecraft survival server with thousands of active players. Find out the Donut SMP server IP and more details about this epic hardcore survival server.

How to Join the Donut SMP Server

What MC Versions can I Join the DonutSMP on?

The Donut SMP advised you to play on the latest MC versions.

More Details About the DonutSMP Server

The Donut SMP is a purely hardcore survival server only. It has no other gamemodes. Saying that, it does attract the most players than any other SMP server does.

How does a hardcore multiplayer survival server work? As you know, in a single-player hardcore, your world gets deleted if you die. However, on the Donut SMP server, you receive a 24-hour ban if you lose all of your lives. You start with 5 lives when you first join.

The aim of the server is to not lose all of your lives and work your way up the leaderboards to become the richest player on the server.

More awesome features that this server has are bounties. These are where players put a price tag on another player’s head. If you kill that player and grab their head, that cash is all yours.

You can also change your settings which is a feature that not many servers allow. Some of these settings include turning private chat messages on and off, auction alerts being on or off, whether you see death messages in the chat, and if you want tpa requests, and many more.