Best Minecraft Earth Servers | Minecraft Earth Server IP

Click on the Earth server you wish to join to reveal its server IP.

How to Join an Earth Minecraft Server

When you first launch Minecraft, ensure you are using the correct MC installation. Each server page above reveals what installation versions you can join the Earth server IP on.

Then copy the Earth server IP into the ‘server address’ bar when adding a new Minecraft server to your multiplayer list.

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth is a survival gamemode with a couple of twists. 

You may have heard of Minecraft Earth as a complete separate game when Mojang released an AR version of Minecraft under the name: Minecraft Earth. However, it has since been shut down during the pandemic as it required people to venture outside.

Back onto the Minecraft Earth that you can find on servers, this gamemode is a replica of the real life world map. For example, the map on the Herobrine server has a 1:500 ratio. This means that the Herobrine Earth map is 500 times smaller than real life. This still leaves the Herobrine map with enormous space.

Despite Earth being a survival gamemode, it has many twists that make it unique and fun to play. The aim of the game is to create or join up with a nation in the attempt to conquer the world. Nations can raid and takeover enemies by initiating a siege. The attacking nation conquer the enemies land by gaining more points during the siege, and the defending nation maintain their status by making the siege negative points. Points are awarded during sieges for kills and capturing the enemy banner. Defending nations can still capture the attacking banner because a banner must be placed outside of a nation’s border to initiate a siege. 

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