Factions Servers To Join

How to Join a Minecraft Factions Server

This short video takes you step-by-step through how to join a Factions server in Minecraft, from the moment you launch the game to the moment you join the server you want.

You may not want to join the Factions server IP specifically showcased in the video. If this is the case, replace the server IP you want in the ‘Server Address’ cell. To find the Server IP of the server you want, click the Server’s page from the list above.

What is Minecraft Factions?

The Minecraft Factions gamemode is where teams battle it out, build bases, raid bases, grind money, and compete for the ultimate grand prize at the end of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is a Minecraft Factions map? It depends on the server. Most Faction servers decide on a 20k x 20k map. This is a good enough size for bases not to be found immediately. Servers can choose their own size, so you may play on a server that is smaller or larger than this average map size depending on the number of active players. A smaller server may opt for a smaller map and vice versa.
  • How many players are allowed in a Faction? Again, it depends on the server. Most servers limit Factions to 20 members.

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A Complete Minecraft Factions Guide

Factions can be a difficult gamemode to understand. Fortunately for you, in the past, our team at Pro MB Gaming has each spent thousands of hours on MC Factions, probably more… So here is a complete guide on Minecraft Factions.

Basic Minecraft Faction Commands

Starting off with the fundamentals, you will need to know a few of these basic commands before jumping straight into the action.

Some of these commands may vary on different servers, but the majority will be identical.

  • /f create (name) – This command creates a Faction
  • /f join (name) – The command to join a Faction
  • /f invite (name) – Invite players to your Faction
  • /f map – Shows a map of your surrounding chunks. Useful to find other claimed bases and check your base is claimed correctly.
  • /f map on – Keeps updating your map for each new chunk you enter. Useful when trying to find claimed bases.
  • /f claim (radius) – Claim land for your faction so players outside your team cannot build or break blocks within this area. Change the radius with a number.
  • /f promote (player’s name) – Promote a trusthworthy member to a moderator. Use the command again if you want them to be an admin.
  • /f top – The overall leaderboard. Only valuable items in your claimed chunks will be counted toward this total value.
  • /f kick (name) – A useful one to know when a member has turned against you
  • /f list – Displays all Factions with their amount of online players. Useful to see what times are best to attack a base.
  • /f chat – Talks in Faction chat instead of public
  • /f disband (name) – Don’t test this command for fun, it will disband your Faction! If you do, enjoy claiming your whole base before an enemy claims it. Stressful, we’ve been there haha!
  • /f ally (faction name) – 1 more ally means 1 less enemy
  • /f enemy (faction name) – The games no fun without enemies so go ahead and create some!

The Fundamental Knowledge of Factions

Before you begin your adventure, you will need to know the fundamentals of TNT, water, and more.

  • TNT- As you should already know, TNT is used to blow blocks up. It can be set off using a flint and steel. We explain how to make TNT shoot further using cannons later on.
  • Water- Water is a key aspect of this game. If you protect your base with water, TNT cannot blow and penetrate through the wall. There is a way around this, but it requires a more complex hybrid cannon which we also explain later on.
  • Obsidian- Obsidian is an important block to use on your last wall as it ensures enemies cannot enter with just 1 creeper egg. It also takes 3 hits of TNT to break Obsidian in Factions.
  • Spawners & Farms- The primary aim of Factions is to make money. The team at the end of the season with the most amount of value in their claimed base wins. To make money, you will need to make spawners and farms. See below on how to create them.

Starting the Season

Assembling your team before the season starts is an important factor in success. The designated server you play will announce the exact starting time. Try to get as many players on at this time. It is one of the most crucial parts of the season.

Whether you have a large team or not, having some players for a corner is the best way to start. This can be an overworld, nether, or end corner. Make sure you plan how to get to a corner as fast as possible. It varies depending on which server you play but often players with a high-rank gain an advantage. This is because they are likely to have a /kit that grants them ender pearls and speed potions.

Why is a corner so beneficial? 

A corner base will be a heavily targeted base since it’s easy to find. So why is a corner so important?

A corner base means you only need to build and check walls on two sides. So for larger teams who have the capacity to defend their base 24/7, this saves a lot of time. It can be the difference between being raided and stopping the raid in time because the wall checker doesn’t have as far to run.

For smaller teams, you could sell this piece of land. It would be pointless setting up base here as you wouldn’t be able to defend it.

minecraft factions base


Factions is about making money. The winning team is the faction with the most amount of money and value at the end of the season. So creating farms as early as possible sets you well on the way.

The best farm depends on the server’s economy. For example, sugar cane might sell for more than cactus on one server, but not on another.

These are 3 of the best farms to use on the majority of Minecraft Factions servers:

Sugar Cane Farm

A sugar cane farm is often the cheapest and most efficient farm to start with. It is cheap and quick to set up and grows relatively fast if you build multiple layers.

Crops only grow when a player is within a few chunks. Therefore, building the sugar cane farm multiple layers high in the same chunks means constant growth whilst mining other layers. Ses the video on how to do this.

The only downside is that sugar cane farms are not automated. To make money, you need to be mining the sugar cane manually. You generally get rid of them after the first 1-2 weeks.

Cactus Farm

One of my favorite starter farms. Cactus farms can be automated meaning you can make money whilst AFK. 

To build this type of farm at a large scale, you may want to use a legal mod called Schematica. All you need to do is have a schematic of the cactus farm you wish to build and then align it with the correct coordinates. This mod will print nearby blocks as long as you have the items in your inventory.

Compared to sugar cane farms, a cactus farm can be slightly more costly to make due to the cost of string and hoppers. However, cactus farms are often used all season, along with iron golem farms. 

Iron Golem Farms

The absolute money bank on most servers!

Generally, the team with the most amount of iron golem spawners at the end of the season wins the map. Iron golem farms, on most servers, are the most expensive spawners that make the most cash.

In the beginning, ensure you make your base and iron golem farms big enough so you don’t run out of room. Halting your progress is the last thing you need.

You can AFK iron golem farms, making you money 24/7.

How to Build a Good Factions Base in Minecraft

A good base is one that lasts a long time or even for the whole season. There are many types of bases to build from unclaimed to claimed.

Unclaimed Bases

It can be important to split your loot. If one base gets raided and you lose everything, it will be like starting from scratch again. We often had our main claimed base which was heavily defended, along with loads of unclaimed bases with small amounts of gear in.

This video provides some of the best unclaimed bases you can build. These are perfect if you’re starting out or just want to spread your loot between different bases.

The unclaimed bases that we found worked the best were the dispenser vaults covered with natural looking lava and sky vaults.

Claimed Bases

The first protocol that enemies will take on a claimed base are “Can I get into this base cheaply?”. Enemies will look into potential loopholes in your base. Can they TP glitch in? Can they miss a few walls? And many more ways.

NOTE! This video provides excellent basics of base building. However, it was produced 7 years ago, so some aspects of the base building have developed massively. If you are new to building bases then this video is perfect for you.

As cannons have developed, so has base building to counter them! Some ways in which base building has developed since this video are building wrap walls all around the base and building the walls down to bedrock. Also, more walls are required these days due to the speed at which cannons can fire. Creating a wall check room that runs all along the bottom of your outer wall is a good way of checking for intruders.

How to Raid a Minecraft Factions Base

Everyone can grind, but raiding requires a different skill that can make your faction stand out. Raiding a base doesn’t only increase your faction’s value but it destroys an enemy, reducing your competition in the f top leaderboard.

Unclaimed Bases

This video provides good little tips on the best methods to find unclaimed bases, without the use of X-ray or other hacks. 

Claimed Bases

This video provides a basic explanation of boosters in a cannon. He has created a full series and showcases more aspects of cannoning in later episodes.

Cannoning, farms, base building, and Factions, in general, are advancing so quickly. These tips provide a solid foundation for your Minecraft Factions journey but there will be a lot more to learn along the way. Unfortunately, this gamemode makes us learn the hard way through getting raided and failed raids, but it is about how you adapt as a player and a team so overcome these challenges. Good luck!