Minecraft Fruity SMP Server IP Address

Fruity SMP is an LGBTQ+ Minecraft server that provides players with a safe environment.

It has two realms to play, the Bee realm and the Axo Realm. The Bee realm is a survival server and the Axo realm is a skyblock server.

How to Join Fruity SMP

What MC Versions can I Join Fruity SMP on?

The FruitySMP server can be played on the latest 1.19 versions.

More Details About the FruitySMP Server

Here is more information about the survival and skyblock realms.

Survival (Bee Realm)

Some of the cool features in the survival Bee realm include:

  • 1.19 generation
  • Grief prevention
  • Pronouns – set how the server chatbot would like to approach you, ie. he, she, etc.
  • Marriage
  • Chestshops
  • Pets
  • Fruity Tokens

Skyblock (Axo Realm)

Some of the cool features in the skyblock Axo realm include:

  • 1.19
  • Upgradable islands
  • Pronouns
  • Mariage
  • Chestshops
  • Pets
  • Armour stands