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Gamster is a rapidly growing Minecraft server that offers a fun, competitive environment. It is a Spanish owned server that offers translations in multiple languages.

How to Join Gamster

Due to recent changes in Minecraft policies, most servers require you to register and login when you join the server.

Once you have entered the Gamster server IP and joined the server for the first time, it will ask you to register. Type /register (password) (password). You must type the password identically, twice. The password must be at least 8 characters. Make sure you remember you password or write it down.

What MC Versions can I Join Gamster.org on?

Gamster.org supports all versions from 1.8 right through to the latest MC versions.

More Details About the Gamster Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular Gamster gamemodes.


Under the Skyblock menu, you can join Skyblock Air, Skyblock Spring, or OneBlock.

You can still join these servers on the latest MC version, but Skyblock Air is based on 1.8, Spring is based on 1.12, and OneBlock is on 1.16. 

To create your island, type /is

You will then have the option to have a classic island (basic difficulty) or a normal island (easy difficulty). The classic island is the typical tiny island with only 1 tree and a chest containing the essential items. The normal island is much larger. It contains the same essential items in the chest but you begin with a much bigger platform.


The most popular gamemode on this server with almost half the server playing it. 

You can search for bedwars solo, duos, trios, or teams (4×4).

In the waiting lobby, you can select your team color. This a cool, unique addition that we have not seen on another server. The maps seem quite large which I believe is fine as bedwars is a much slower-paced game compared to skywars. Apart from that, there aren’t many differences compared to other servers.


Skywars can also be played solo, in duos, trios, or teams (4×4).

Possessing a rank in these type of gamemodes help massively as you start off with good gear. However, if you do not have a rank, you have the choice between 2 kits: Default and Rookie. The default kit gives you 20 blocks right from the start. The Rookie gives you full leather armor and a wooden sword. We recommend going with the default kit because diamond armor is common to find within chests so you will quickly replace the leather armor.

Hide n Seek

On the Gamster Hide n Seek, you can increase or decrease your chances of hiding depending whether you prefer to hide or be the seeker. To do this, you need to spend 2,500 coins per 5% change.

You gain coins by playing games on the server and completing challenges. For example, you get 3 coins as a hider for every time you let off a firework. 

With these coins, you can also buy perks as the seeker and hider. Perks for the seeker include throwable TNT, infinite speed 1, and a disguise detector to track the hiders.

Perks for the hiders include a disguise selector which allows you to choose the block you hide as, a disguise changer to change your disguised block, and an insta solid.


A rare game mode that very few MC servers offer. When you click GTA from the hub, it will ask you to download the texture pack which we recommend you do so. It only takes a few seconds and provides a more pleasant experience.

On Minecraft GTA, you can do anything to have an apartment, make money, PvP players with guns, and more.