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The GommeHD server is a server we recommend trying out! This is one of the most unique servers in terms of the gamemodes it offers. These include MoneyMaker, Bingo, City Build, Ender Games, and more.

How to Join the GommeHD Server

What MC Versions can I Join GommeHD on?

This server can be played on the latest MC versions.

More Details About the GommeHD Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular gamemodes on this MC server.


This is a completely unique game that is not found on any other server. In MoneyMaker, the aim is to create your own mine empire, employ workers, upgrade them to become the richest player.


Another unique gamemode that is only found here. The aim of Minecraft Bingo is to collect all of the items on your bingo map and be the first to complete a row of 5 fields.

minecraft bingo

In Minecraft Bingo, each team receives a bingo card and spawns on a tiny platform in the sky. Before you jump down (no fall damage from the initial jump) and begin collecting resources, we recommend looking down to scan your surrounding biomes. This will give you a better idea of what resources are around and may change your decision on which row to choose. Remember, you only need to complete 1 row of 5. It can either be horizontal or vertical. Spend 1 or 2 minutes at the start of the game, deciding which row will be easier. This will save you a lot of time!

City Build

Create your own trading empire, found a guild, and let your creativity loose while building. Sign up for a job to boost your revenue. Lumberjack is the most popular job on the server with over 80,000 employees. In this job, you must cut down trees to gain income.

There are many more cool features in this City Build game.


TTT is another version of the Murder Mystery gamemode.

In this game, you cannot trust anyone. Try to identify the enemy before they kill you.

Loot chests during the grace period to gain weapons. Once the grace period ends, you are told if you are innocent or a traitor. The traitors must kill all innocent players without being found out and the innocent players must kill all traitors before being killed.

Ender Games

A similar gamemode to hunger games where the last player standing wins. Similarities include the ability to mine blocks, craft items, and place blocks. The twist with Ender Games is that items in chests keep changing spots, ender chests can appear in random locations and are not fixed to 1 spot. You can also be teleport switched between other players.

Private Games

What is so unique and cool about this server is that you can create a private lobby in any of the available gamemodes available on this server. This is perfect if you have a big enough size group wanting to play.