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HavenCraft is a survival-focused server, perfect for those wanting to join a small, friendly community. 

How to Join HavenCraft

What MC Versions can I Join JartexNetwork on?

HavenCraft is accessible on the latest MC versions.

More Details About the HavenCraft Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular gamemodes on HavenCraft.


A small survival server where everyone seems very friendly and welcoming when you first join.

When getting started, type /rtp to teleport you randomly into the wild. This world’s border is 20,000 by 20,000 blocks so you should find plenty of open and unused areas to build in. In fact, when I was testing/reviewing this server, I spawned right in front of an enormous snowy mountain that goes up to y level 240. 

This server allows you to claim your land so it cannot be griefed on. Golden shovels and sticks are the tools to claim your land on this server. With one of these tools in your hand, type /claim to make that chunk yours. /extendclaim will make your land bigger. 


HavenCraft has many minigames to play. These are: hide and seek, party games, parkour & maze, mob arena, classic pvp, bow battle, paintball, juggernaut, and infection. Build battle and murder mystery are currently outdated. Unfortunately, these minigames are not played often so you may find it tricky to find games.


We recommend joining the official HavenCraft Discord to participate in events. For example, when we joined this server to review it, there was an Easter & Artmap building competition. This will likely occur during each special yearly occasion.