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The Herobrine Minecraft server is one of the most popular servers, averaging over 1,000 online players at all times. The owners of this server also own the Datblock server.

There are 7 gamemodes playable on Herobrine. All of which have an active player base.

How to Join the Herobrine Minecraft Server

What MC Versions can I Join JartexNetwork on?

1.8 –> latest version

More Details About the JartexNetwork Gamemodes


Even though this server does not have any specific PvP gamemodes, you can PvP in the lobby. Switch over to the sword and fight other members ready for the fight. There is even a leaderboard for the most kills and highest kill streak in the waiting lobbies. 


You can choose from 4 survival servers to play with friends. Instead of running out from spawn, it is quicker to find a good spot by teleporting to the wilderness through the portal. This server allows claimed land to reduce acts of grief.


When you start your adventure on your tiny island, you are given 1 tree, 1 cow, and 1 chest with important materials inside. 

This server has a shop system where you can buy and sell blocks, tools, food, decorations, and much more.


An extremely challenging game. You start on 1 block with a pickaxe only. The 1 block you spawn on regenerates. This means you can mine it as often as you wish. Begin by mining this only block to gather blocks and build a platform around you. Remember which block you started on! As this is the only regenerative block. 

A cool feature is having the access to visit other player’s islands. You can really benefit from this feature. For example, many players allow you to /warp to their shop, XP grinder etc. A good xp grinder and shop to visit is /ob warp Neil_gamer

If you grow large enough, then you could set up your own shop and xp grinder for others to use.


Two faction servers are accessible on Herobrine. When you join one, type /warps and click wilderness or nether to get you journey under way. 

Check out our factions server IP page which displays tips below the server listings. 


A unique gamemode that we believe was created by the team at Herobrine. This game is an identical map of Earth at a scale of 1:500. 

The aim of the game is to join up with other players to form your own nation, establish alliances and battle against the enemies.

To raid and takeover another nation, the king or general must place a colored banner outside of the town. Sieges have a points system. A negative siege score means the defenders are winning, and a positive score means the attackers are on top. Nations gain points by killing enemies or by capturing the enemy’s banner. To participate in any sieges, you must be part of the attacking or defending nations (or an ally) and possess a military rank. If you do not have both of these requirements, you will get war sickness.


Bedwars can be played on duos or quads. 

On this server, diamonds are used to improve your island generator, create traps, and anything related to strengthening your island. Emeralds are used for OP gear.

A tactic we recommend using for bedwars on Herobrine is to gather 2 emeralds, buy an invisibility potion, and a pickaxe. This can be obtained quicker than other bedwars servers. Ensure you have nothing in your hand as you pass the enemy and that there is a clear pathway to the enemy island as you only have around 25 seconds until you are revealed. This is a good way to sneak past your enemy to destroy their bed.

For more bedwars tips, check out our bedwars server IP page. A complete bedwars guide is displayed below the server listings.  


Skywars can only be played alone as there are no duo or quads skywars playlists.