Best Minecraft Hide and Seek Servers to Join

How to Join a Minecraft Hide and Seek Server

Follow the short video tutorial on how to join a Hide and Seek Minecraft server. 

If you want to join a different hide n seek Minecraft server to the one showcased in the video, click the server you wish to join from the list above, and then copy and paste the hide and seek server IP into the ‘server address’ bar.

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How does Hide n Seek Work in Minecraft?

In Minecraft hide & seek, there are usually 1 seeker and everyone else is a hider. The hiders must avoid the seeker and the seeker must kill all the hiders within the time frame. If you die as a hider, you become a seeker.

To make the seeker’s life harder, each hider is disguised as a block that is used fairly frequently around the map. When a hider stays still for a few seconds, they become a solid block.

How to win more games being the seeker

On most hide and seek MC servers, the seeker will be provided with a sword, bow and arrows, and maybe splash potions of damage. It is important to use these wisely as you receive limited potions and arrows.

You can obviously swing your sword around as much as you like. This is a common tactic used by the seeker. 

The best time to use your bow and arrow is when you are chasing a hider and you know they are 1 hit till they are dead. Another good reason to use it is when you see a hider high up or in a difficult place to get.

As the seeker, it is also important to know what blocks you are looking for. Hiders cannot turn into every block on the map, only certain ones. Knowing this information should help narrow down the blocks you swing at.

Having your headset turned up is a must-do when you are seeking. This is because every so often, the hiders whistle to help the seeker try to figure out roughly where they are hiding. This is where the damage potions can come in handy. When you track a hider down into a specific room or location but you’re unsure exactly where they are, splashing a potion of harming is a good way to reveal their hiding spot.

How to win more games being the hider

Some servers allow a couple of changes per game. This means you can convert into a different block from the one you started with. The smaller the block (such as a plant pot), the better your chances are of winning. This is because you are less visible in many locations and it is also harder for the seeker to hit you as you have a smaller hitbox.

Selecting your hiding spot can be a tricky decision. Try to find a place where your block blends in with the surroundings but also where there are two exits so you can run away from the seeker if needed. 

Staying in the same hiding spot can also be a bad idea. Especially if you play on a server with whistling on. When it is safe to do so, try to change hiding locations every so often so the seeker cannot pinpoint your hiding spot based on sound.