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Hypixel was originally only a YouTube channel posting Minecraft adventure maps. After receiving good recognition from these map creations, they decided to create their own server. What a fantastic decision that turned out to be! Hypixel is now flourishing in what you could easily call a Monopoly within the market.

How to Join Hypixel

What MC Versions can I Join Hypixel on?

Hypixel allows players to play on the newest MC versions, as well as, older versions right back to 1.8.

How many active players are on Hypixel?

At the time of writing, Hypixel has 66,000 online players. That is five times the amount of the second most active MC server!

According to a Hypixel admin, over 15 million players have played on just the bedwars game mode alone! Yes, bedwars is the most popular game mode on the server but this figure is still phenomenal.

Why is Hypixel so Popular?

Just like other Minecraft servers, Hypixel offers a wide range of minigames to its players. But what makes them stand out is the uniqueness of their games. Over the years, Hypixel has consistently created new, enjoyable and popular minigames. Because Hypixel had different games compared to its competitors, this attracted many YouTubers to the server as it provided YouTubers with the potential of creating new content and being one of the first ones on the platform to upload these types of gameplay videos.