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InsanityCraft is an admired Minecraft server that was released in 2012. It has maintained an active player base ever since its launch and now achieves over 1,000 online players. Copy the InsanityCraft server IP in the green box to play now!

How to Join the InsanityCraft Server

What MC Versions can I Join InsanityCraft on?

InsanityCraft can be played on the latest Minecraft 1.19 versions.

More Details About the InsanityCraft Gamemodes

Here is more information on all of the gamemodes on InsanityCraft.

Hub Parkour

Can you complete the hub parkour? If successful, you receive 10 minutes of /fly in the hub area.


In Skyblock, you are given a small island where you must survive, expand, and make farms to reach the top of the leaderboard.

InsanityCraft adds its own spin on Skyblock. Here are some unique features.

When you first load up Skyblock, before you teleport to your starting island, you must select a class. There are 4 classes to choose from and each offers special abilities. These are the different classes and their abilities:

  • Magician- Grants you special powers such as jump boost, night vision, water breathing, and luck.
  • Sonic- Acquiring this class will greatly improve your running and mining speeds.
  • Healer- Gives you up to 10 extra hearts.
  • Assassin- Can gain strength effects of up to 5.5.

Each class may not unlock the full perks immediately as you must level them up.

On InsanityCraft, you get a choice of your starting island. The different starter islands include:

  • Beginner Plains Island- the perfect island for new Skyblock players as you start with tutorial signs and a pre-made cobblestone generator.
  • Zen Island- A peaceful island with no mobs for players wanting a relaxing experience.
  • Desert Island Village- spawn in a desert-themed island with 1 village house that leads into a small mine.
  • Arctic Islands- A snow and ice-themed island that provides you with a cool starter tent build. Watch out for the spawning mammoths!
  • Ruins Island- Start on an island with an ancient ruin.
  • Default- the classic Skyblock island with some grass, 1 tree, and the chest with the necessary resources.
  • Haunted Island- this is definitely one of the cooler-designed islands but can you conquer this haunted island?
  • Mesa Island- a shrunken sandy island for players wanting more of a challenge.
  • Insanity Island- Not many players can survive on this 1x1x4 size. All you are given is 1 chest with a few resources inside, on top of 1 sand block, on top of 1 cobblestone block, and on top of 1 bedrock. Good luck!

If you want some tips to help you on your Skyblock island, visit our Skyblock server IP page and scroll down below the listed servers.


Factions is about building bases, raiding bases, and increasing your Faction value to get to the top of the /f top leaderboard. To learn more about Factions, see our best Factions servers page and scroll below the listed servers for our Factions guide.

What is different about Factions on InsanityCraft? The server provides special items/perks. These perks help with various aspects of the game which are:

  • Seller Minion- costs 50 shards, the join most expensive perk, but it constantly sells the items in the chests it is linked to and deposits into the owner’s balance.
  • Death Bomb- costs 5 shards and explodes when you die to damage nearby players.
  • Cobweb Launcher- costs 1 shard and it created a 3×3 square of cobwebs to trap enemies.
  • Splash Grenade- costs 3 shards and it harms your opponent with slowness for 90 seconds, weakness for 90 seconds, and poison II.
  • Splash Grenade 2- costs 3 shards but provides you with swiftness II, strength II, and instant health II.
  • Friendly Nuke- costs 20 shards. Place this down anywhere to create a 32×32 mega explosion that harms everyone besides your own team.
  • Wither EMP- costs 50 shards. Place in claimed land to stop withers breaking blocks for 5 minutes. It has a 50-block radius.

Another awesome feature this server has added is the /f roam command. This allows you to roam 100 blocks around your body in a ‘free fly’. You can use this to scan any underground bases, or if anyone is raiding your base and more useful tactics. It is like having x-ray but legal.

These are just a couple of great additions to this Factions server. We recommend going to check it out and see what more there is to this server.


Survival can be played on versions 1.17 plus. It is a server where you never have to worry about all your hard work getting destroyed as this server never resets.

On this survival server, you can select your class. These are the identical classes we discussed in the Skyblock section. The Sonic might be a good choice for survival as increased running and mining speeds can be put into use more often due to the open world. Level up your class to unlock its full potential. For example, if you reach level 10 in the Sonic class, you receive speed 6 and haste 4 compared to just speed 1 at the beginning.

You can also enroll in jobs to earn money faster, complete quests, duel other players, and much more cool stuff to accomplish.