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InvadedLands is owned by the well-known Minecraft YouTuber, Skeppy. This is the IP to Skeppy’s server.

How to Join InvadedLands in Minecraft

What MC Versions can I Join InvadedLands on?

This server can be played on all versions at 1.8 or above.

More Details About the JartexNetwork Gamemodes

Here is more information about the InvadedLands gamemodes.


When you first join the survival server, it is helpful to visit the ‘Server Guide’ merchant. Complete the short captcha and then you can find out everything you need to know. 

This survival server grants you full iron gear and 16 steaks when you start so you do not need to worry about exploring caves, or grabbing food, and instead, you can focus on building your starter house.

You can claim up to 1,000 blocks to stop griefers from ruining your builds.


The classic Skyblock island. The only difference from this server to other classical Skyblock servers is that you get given full leather armor and a cow to start. Try to keep the cow safe as quickly as possible before it falls off.

To secure progress on your Skyblock island, check out our Skyblock tips on our best Skyblock servers page.


Select your kit then descend into battle. Kits elite and default are the best kits in our opinion. However, if you die then you have to wait 8-24 hours to access the kit again. This PvP server is quite difficult to get consistent kills without a rank as after a couple of deaths, you are heavily out geared.