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JackpotMC attracts hundreds of active players to play awesome multiplayer survival modes such as Lifesteal and Earth SMP.

How to Join JackpotMC

What MC Versions can I Join JackpotMC on?

This server is best to play on the latest MC versions published.

More Details About the JackpotMC Gamemodes


Lifesteal is very popular on this server. This server has pink and red Lifesteal realms due to its popularity. If you are unsure what Lifesteal is on Minecraft, you can find out more about this gamemode on our best Lifesteal servers page.

Earth SMP

A Minecraft survival mode but the map is a 1:500 scale of the Earth. Create or join a team with the aim to become the most successful and powerful team on the Earth SMP.

To find out more information about the Earth SMP gamemode, visit our best Earth servers in Minecraft page.

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