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The JartexNetwork Minecraft server is accessible for both java and cracked players. Allowing players to join who are on cracked Minecraft has been a huge reason to their success.

Recently, the server has had over 1,000 active players online at once.

How to Join Jartnex Network

What MC Versions can I Join JartexNetwork on?

Jartex Network is can be played on all MC versions above 1.8

More Details About the JartexNetwork Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular JartexNetwork gamemodes.


On Jartex, Skywars can be played alone or with a partner. There are normal solo and doubles modes and lunatic solo and doubles modes.

Loot is obtained through rank kits as well as chests in-game. Chest loot is randomized, but the center island loot will provide better items and gear. The last player or team wins.

On the Skywars realm, there are daily missions to complete. Completing these missions grant you cool rewards. In order to complete the daily tasks, you must first click to activate them. For example, one of the daily missions was to kill 3 players in one game and loot 50 chests before the time runs out. Completing this mission rewards players with 50 experience points and 3 Skywars brains. These points can be used to redeem cosmetics.

Possessing a rank enables you to pickup a monthly delivery. This monthly delivery comes with rewards. The higher your rank, the better rewards you will receive. For example, players with the silver rank receive 25 experience points, plus 2 rare loot boxes.

Statistics are tracked in JartexNetwork Skywars. Data that is tracked are: kills, deaths, assists, wins, losses, win streak, bow kills, arrows fired, arrows hit, eggs/snowballs thrown, enderpearls thrown, and chests opened. 

Talents are a new feature added. You can select your talent before the game, which helps you in certain aspects of the game. Try selecting a talent that best represents your play style. 


There are 4 bedwars playlists: solos, doubles, triples, and Quadruples. 

Many of the same maps are used in Skywars and Bedwars. This is because both games resemble teams being on their own island, but in bedwars, you can respawn until your bed is destroyed. There is no respawning in Skywars.

To improve at bedwars, check out our Minecraft bedwars tips located bellow all of the listed servers.