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LemonCloud is a friendly Minecraft server that has been running for many many years. They offer regular events and a range of popular game modes.

How to Join LemonCloud

What MC Versions can I Join LemonCloud on?

The LemonCloud server supports the latest MC versions.

More Details About the LemonCloud Server

When you first join the LemonCloud server, you will be asked to use their custom resource pack. You must click proceed otherwise you will be kicked from the server. This only takes a few seconds and improves your playing experience. It allows the server to change the dynamic and look of chests, items and builds to suit the server’s theme. 

Here is more information about the LemonCloud gamemodes.


The LemonCloud server like to interact with their players as often as possible. To do this, they run regular events ranging from build competitions, parkour races, spleef wars, and many more. In December 2022, they ran 7 events in 1 month so stay tuned on their Discord server to find out when the next one is.

OP Prison

Starting with an efficiency 12 stone pickaxe, you can shred your way through the mines right from the go. On this OP Prison server, you start at rank A and have to try reach rank Z


More details about the LemonCloud factions coming soon. It is currently in a season reset so we cannot play and review this yet.


I quite like the start of the LemonCloud Skyblock. It allows you to choose your starting island in terms of size and biome. You can choose between a small, medium, and large island. For the biome, you can start on a plains, snow, or sand biome. 

This server provides ready-made food in the starter chest meaning you do not have to worry about the hunger situation too early and instead, focus on enhancing your island. 


With 30x30k borders on the overworld, nether, and end, you have almost endless room to build what you wish.

This server allows you and your friends to claim land to stop griefers mining and placing blocks in your builds.


Create or join a friend’s plot. Plot sizes are 125×125 blocks giving you a good size to build what you want. To create your own plot, type /plot auto.

On this creative Minecraft server, plots are open for anyone to visit. They are divided by a road system so you can see what other players have built.


The KitPvP was released in October 2022.

The KitPvP map is absolutely incredible! Unfortunately, not many players play this gamemode so it goes a little bit unused.