Best Minecraft Lifesteal Servers | Lifesteal Server IP

Browse through this list of the best Minecraft Lifesteal servers. Click on the server you wish to join to find out its IP address.

How to Join a Lifesteal Minecraft Server

This video takes you through how to join a Minecraft Lifesteal server. 

This Lifesteal server IP has the gamemode but if you wish to join another Lifesteal server from the list above, just replace the Lifesteal server address. Make sure you launch Minecraft on the correct version.

What is Minecraft Lifesteal?

Minecraft Lifesteal is basically survival mode with a twist. Every time you kill another player, you gain an extra heart. But each time you die, you lose a heart. If you lose all of your hearts then the punishment depends on the Lifesteal server you play. A 1 or 2 day ban is the most common punishment for losing all of your hearts.

Lifesteal is best played on an active server so there are plenty of players to fight.

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