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LoverFella is a well-known Minecraft YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers on his MC channel. This is the IP address to the Minecraft server he created and still owns.

How to Join LoverFella's Server

What MC Versions can I Join LoverFella on?

Any version that is 1.17.1 or above is compatible with the LoverFella server.

More Details About the LoverFella Server

When you first join LoverFella, you will be asked to download a custom resource pack. This is not compulsory but it is advised to enjoy to better playing experience. 

Here is more information about the LoverFella gamemodes.

Mega Survival

This is the most popular gamemode on this server. It is more of an OP survival with some cool twists compared to other survival servers. Firstly, the overworld is 50k x 50k. This gives you plenty of space to stay hidden. A big difference to this survival server to others is that you can kill other players. You cannot grief someone else’s base but you can kill a player if you see them in the wild.

To get started, type /rtp

Once you have found a place to stay, type /claim to stop people from griefing your home.

Other important commands include /ah to bring up the live player auction and /shop to buy and sell goods. /trade is another important command to exchange goods between players.


When you join Skyblock, you can jump into 4 end portals to start your Skyblock adventure. 2 are currently under maintenance, but the other 2 give you different-sized borders. You can play on a 30×30 or 60×60 border. The 60×60 allows more room for expansion and gives you a much bigger starting island with a mini cave.


To create your very own plot, type /plot auto. This will teleport you to a 40×40 plot where you can fly and build anything you wish. A 40×40 plot is much smaller to other creative servers. However, this can be a good feature as a large plot guarantees you will have empty spaces, making your plot always seem incomplete.