Minecraft Lucky Block Servers To Join

Click on the server you want to join to find out that Lucky block server IP address

How to Join a Minecraft Lucky Block Server

Follow the short video on how to join a Lucky Block server in Minecraft. 

If you wish to join a different Lucky Block server IP address to the one used in the video, just replace the ‘server address’ box with the Lucky Block server address you want to join. All Lucky Block IP’s are displayed on their individual pages above.

What is Minecraft Lucky Block?

The beauty of lucky blocks is that they can be incorporated into almost any gamemode. 

When a player mines this block, it produces a random outcome. Some outcomes can be helpful, others can be useless, or even dangerous. 

An example of a lucky block Minecraft gamemode would be survival games. Lucky blocks would replace chests. This adds unpredictability and a lot more fun to the game.  

minecraft lucky block

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