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Join one of the most active and long-lasting Minecraft servers using the IP address displayed in the green box and find out more about its popular gamemodes.

How to Join ManaCube

What MC Versions can I Join ManCube on?

ManaCube is available to play on the very latest MC versions. The server updates its servers alongside the MC updates.

ManaCube Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular ManaCube gamemodes.


Here are some key details you may want to know before playing the ManaCube skyblock gamemode:

  • Free VIP rank- You can obtain the VIP rank for 7 days by completing the 10 tutorial quests upon joining.
  • Starting Island- These are small and contain the necessary resources such as trees, a chest with essential items, a small cave system, a cobblestone generator, and more. An efficiency 3 diamond pickaxe can be located in the chest at the bottom of your island’s cave.
  • Island Upgrades- As you progress, you can unlock upgrades to expand your island, add new biomes, unlock new challenges, and add new members to your team.
  • Challenges- A wide range of challenges can be completed in return for rewards such as currency, valuable items, or xp. The challenges often require players to collect items, defeat mobs, or build certain structures. 
  • Economy- ManaCube Skyblock has an in-game currency where players can buy and sell items using the in-game currency. So having an island with large resource farms can begin accumulating your wealth.


In this Prison gamemode, players find themselves in a challenging environment where must mine and gather resources to progress through the ranks to earn their freedom. Players have access to a personal plot/cell to store items and show off their creativity by building whatever they want.


Alongside creative, this survival mode is the longest-standing gamemode on the ManaCube server. It was introduced in September 2013 and is an economy, peaceful survival server where you can play with hundreds of others. It’s seasons do get reset but last a long time. Other unique features include player parties, furniture and art, fierce monsters and bosses, unique enchantments, and more.


Since adding a parkour section to their server in 2014, ManaCube has since added over 1,500 parkour courses. They include dropper maps, adventure maps, rank ups, player vs player maps, and the ability to create your own obstacle course. These maps also track your time and record your best times.


Similar to Skyblock but instead, you are stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean. Survive with limited resources then complete challenges to upgrade your island as you progress and become wealthier.


This is a survival world with many twists. A borderless world that never ends. It has been going since February 2021 and it will never reset. Players cannot claim land, allowing griefing to occur. The only rules in this Anarchy realm is to be respectful in the chat.

Earthy Towny

Earth is one of the more popular gamemodes on the server. Its map is an exact replica of Earth at a 1:500 scale. You can see a live map on the ManaCube website.

On this gamemode, you can join or create a town with the aim of conquering the world. Defend and capture other towns flags by join forces with other allies and going to war with enemies.


Join one of the most fun and rewarding Factions servers that offer over $1200 weekly payouts from F top leaderboards.

Unique features about this Factions server:

  • The season resets every 4 weeks
  • Raid alerts- get alerted when someone is trying to raid you
  • PvP tournaments
  • Hardcore and lifesteal

Each player has 200 power. A player loses power if they die and restore their power through playtime. Power enables a Faction to claim land so no one can build or break blocks in those claimed chunks. Each Faction can have a maximum of 15 active players and 30 alt accounts to use for power. However, there is a Faction roster, meaning you can have 15 players in your main Faction and 15 players in the roster.