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MCHub has a highly active player base that provides Prison and Skyblock. Famous YouTubers such as F1NN5STER who has over 500,000 subscribers player on this server. 

How to Join the MCHub Server

What MC Versions can I Join the MCHub server on?

This server can be played on all versions between 1.8 and the latest 1.19 version.

More Details About the MCHub Server

Here is more information about the MCHub game modes and lobby.


MCHub lives up to its name for its Hub build and features. It wouldn’t be fitting with a server name called MCHub had a boring hub area would it? 

In this hub, you can use two gadgets to teleport around. The first one is a bow and wherever the arrow lands is the position you get teleported to. The second is the grappling hook (fishing rod). When you catch onto a block using the grappling hook, it flings you toward that position when you click again. These are fun little additions that not many servers include in their hub area.


You are advised to download their custom texture pack when you launch the prison game. This only takes a few seconds and enhances your playing experience.

At Pro MB Gaming, we test each server to give you a little report on each gamemode. And from initial impressions, this Prison server looks like a ton of fun. It has a lot more to do than traditional prison servers. 

On the MCHub prison server, you receive your own personal mine meaning no one can get in your way. You can also teleport to public mines if you wish.

On your personal mine, you receive an auto-miner. This auto-miner earns you cash even whilst you’re afk. As you work your way up the prison world, you can upgrade your miner with a range of different enchants.

Next to your personal mine is also a Mine Manager where you can teleport to public mines and any mines you have been invited to.

As you rank up in your personal mine, the blocks become slightly rarer.

A cool feature about this Prison server is that you rarely have to sell anything as it automatically sells for you after a short while. 

There are many more cool things to do on this prison server so we recommend trying it out!


Before starting your own island, we advise visiting the Mastery merchant at spawn who gives you a free kit full of diamond armor and tools. If you want to challenge yourself then you can skip this part.

You can also receive a free rank on this Skyblock server by linking your Discord. Type /sync and you will be given a command to enter into their Discord server. A link to join the MCHub Discord server is near the top of this page.

When you launch your own island, you are given a much larger starting island compared to most other Skyblock servers. Even though many players enjoy the challenge of starting on a small island, you will never fall short of things to do on this Skyblock server.

Just like the Prison server, you receive an island manager. You can use him to access everything you need such as the shop, island vault, island levels, island members, and much more.

As you advance your island and earn more money, you can level up your island to receive more benefits and perks.

Another awesome feature about this Skyblock server is the stats merchant. Visit him on your island to find out interesting stats such as tokens earned, blocks broken, mobs killed, and more.

Again, there is so much more to this unbelievable Skyblock server so we recommend playing it yourself. Type /help to bring up a helpful menu so you can learn about all the unique additions this server has.