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Located in the United States, MineBerry is one of the most popular MC servers going. This server has many awesome games to play. Copy the IP and join the fun!

How to Join the MineBerry Minecraft Server

The MineBerry server address shown in this video is different to the MineBerry IP shown on this page but both work exactly the same.

What MC Versions can I Join MineBerry on?

This server can be joined on versions from 1.8 to 1.19.

More Details About the Popular Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular gamemodes available on this server.


Survival is very active on this server which is why you can choose from any 4 survival realms. With PvP enabled on this survival server, you must fight, trade, and build your own base in these active multiplayer survival realms.

Other perks of playing in these survival realms are that you can take up jobs, claim your land to avoid griefers, access kits, fulfil quests, auction items, and more.


Similar to multiplayer survival but almost no rules! Land claiming is disabled meaning griefing, killing, and destroying everything you see is allowed. If this isn’t a hint to hide your base, I don’t know what is!

OP Survival

Again, similar to survival where land claiming is enabled so others cannot grief and destroy your base. PvP is also enabled. The difference is that you start with better gear such as iron and diamond armor, god apples, and more. You can also buy custom items such as vehicles, guns, alcohol, plus more.

OP Factions

This gamemode was in maintenance when we were reviewing this server.


The most popular gamemode on the server. Compared to other bedwars servers, there is not much different besides custom maps that are suitable for the bedwars pace.


Right-click the axe to join your preferred map or jump straight into the portal to find the quickest game. 

With these small maps, they are perfect for creating a fast-paced Skywars game. A cool feature of some of these maps are if you fall off, you have a chance to catch yourself on a lower platform.