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Minecadia is a large cross-platform server available for Java and bedrock players. It is well-known for its Factions and Lifesteal realms but offers other cool gamemodes too. Use the Minecadia server IPs displayed on your left to join.

How to Join the Minecadia Server

What MC Versions can I Join Minecadia on?

Each gamemode can only be played on certain versions. The Lifesteal and survival realms must be played on at least version 1.19 or newer. The prison realm must be played on 1.17 or higher. The remainder gamemodes must be played on any 1.8 version.

More Details About the Minecadia Gamemodes

Here is more information about the Minecadia gamemodes.


In Lifesteal, you gain plus 1 heart for each kill you achieve. However, you lose 1 heart for each death. On this server, if you lose all of your hearts, you have a 48-hour ban.

Apart from this additional heart plugin, Lifesteal should be played just like a Minecraft survival server. Just note that base claiming is off so you may want to hide your base.

When you first join the Lifesteal realm, you will have a 15 minute PvP timer in which you cannot take any damage or deal damage to other players.

You can join and create teams to compete for prizes. The top 3 teams at the end of every month receive awesome prizes such as bitcoin payments!


At the time of us testing this server and adding it to our best Minecraft server list, we could not access the Prison server.

What we do know about this Prison server is that you can create gangs of up to 10 members with the aim of becoming the richest gang on the server. This is definitely a unique way to play Prison and probably a more motivating method so we’ll try it out as soon as possible.


When you first launch the Factions realm, you must select a crew. This provides you with useful perks to select carefully!

The available crews are as follows:

  • Bandit– provides permanent resistance I and deals 5% more damage when using a bow.
  • Vandal– provides permanent haste II and gives you 2 additional hearts.
  • Pyro– provides permanent fire resistance I and saturation II. Also, deal 5% more damage when using an axe.
  • Plunderer– gain permanent speed II and deal 5% more sword damage.

Keep reading for why PvP perks might actually be more beneficial for this type of Factions server. Usually most of your time is spent building and raiding (which is probably still the case for this server), but PvP plays a much larger aspect on this Factions server. For more Factions tips, check out our best Factions servers page and scroll down to our Factions guide.

Key Information to this Factions server

  • 10,000 x 10,000 map size
  • Maximum 15 players allowed per Faction
  • 0 allies and truces allowed

F top Details

This server has a very unique F-top system. F-top ranks all of the Factions in order from 1st to last so you can track how your team is doing. The top 3 Factions receive money that they can spend on the server. Most servers track this based on the Faction value, such as the number of spawners times their cost.

However, this server calculates the F-top completely differently which I believe is pretty awesome if you’re looking for a unique Factions server.

The F-top is calculated on Faction points. These are all of the ways you can earn points for your Faction:

  • 30 points for every hour you are at F top 1 in terms of value
  • 20 points for every hour you are at F top 2 in value
  • 10 points every hour you are F top 3 in value
  • Wilderness Koth capture = 50 points
  • Warp Koth capture = 75 points
  • Hardpoint win = 50 points
  • DTC win = 50 points
  • Citadel capture = 1,000 points
  • Conquest capture = 1,000 points
  • 1 point per player  kill
  • 1 point per boss kill
  • Dungeon completion = 20 points
  • Voyage room completion = 1 point
  • Expeditions boss kill = 3 points
  • 8 points per minigame win
  • Holding an outpost for 15 minutes = 3 points
  • -1 point per player death
  • Raiding a Faction’s core = 33% of that Faction’s points
  • Your Faction core raided = -33% of your Faction’s points
  • Holding a stronghold for 15 minutes = 3 points
A mix of having a strong base, raiding others and PvP are all combined in the calculation of this F top valuation.

Cannon Testing

The cannon testing server is fantastic for those who play the Factions realm. It allows you to build and experiment with cannons using the exact server’s settings. 

To join this cannon-testing realm, you must purchase a whitelist for $6 USD.


This gamemode must be played in 1.8 as of 2023.

When you first launch Kitmap, you are required to select a clan. Each clan offers different perks. You can change clans at a later stage. These are the clans and their benefits:

  • Senju– provides permanent haste II and you take 5% less damage off any hit.
  • Uzumaki– provides permanent resistance I and you deal 5% more damage with a bow.
  • Uchiha– provides permanent speed II and deals 5% more damage with a sword.
  • Sarutobi– provides permanent fire resistance I and deals 5% more damage with an axe.

Once a clan is selected, you will be teleported to spawn. Walk forwards toward the spawn PvP arena to select your kit. Remember what clan you selected because you will want to link the kit to your perks to give you the best chance in battle.

What is really cool about this PvP Minecraft server is that you can fight in different biomes. There is a set overworld arena, as well as an end and nether PvP arena. This makes the fights more 1v1 rather than a third-party player getting involved. The PvP realm is active enough to have these 3 arenas and still be able to find players to fight.

Another cool feature is the loot crate events. Every so often, loot crates spawn randomly in the arenas. Right-click to open to receive valuable items. These items can be sold to earn money to improve your gear.

When you win a PvP fight, the opposition player will drop their head. You can keep these player heads as a collection of your victorious battles.


If you want a more relaxing experience compared to the Lifesteal gamemode, then this classic survival realm is for you. You can claim your builds meaning no one can grief.

Apart from that, we don’t know much more about this survival realm but we could not access it when we were testing and adding this server to our site.