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The Mineland Metaverse is a popular Minecraft server that offers 7 popular game modes (listed on your left) plus many more under their arcade games.

How to Join Mineland

What MC Versions can I Join Mineland on?

The Mineland developers suggest playing on 1.18 MC version to have the best experience when playing on their server. As of January 2023, this server does not work if you’re on 1.19.

Why is in-game text written in another language?

At Pro MB Gaming, we test each server IP to ensure it works and also play each gamemode to give our view. What we found with this server was that the old Mineland server IP mc.mineland.net does not connect to the server. We found the new IP which is displayed at the top of this page in the green box, but our in-game text was in an unknown language to us. We hope this is not the case for you but it could well be. Unfortunately we do not know a fix at this current moment.

More Details About the Mineland Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular gamemodes on Mineland.


With custom maps,, bedwars can be played on solo, doubles, triples, or in classic mode (teams of 4). Doubles is the most popular playlist.

The majority of spawn islands are much larger than other servers and also closer together. This can allow players to sneak attack easier so make sure you are always on the look out for oncoming enemies.

There are 4 stages of dynamic play on the Mineland bedwars. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out what these were as our in-game text was not in English.


Skywars can be played alone, with a team, or in a lucky mode.

These custom skywars maps have been brilliantly designed. It results in quick gameplay as the islands are close to each other. A perfect feature for skywars. Who wants a long, draught-out skywars game…

Our top tips for winning this a skywars game on this server is to get to the middle islands as quickly as possible because the best loot can be found here. Secondly, to use a bow and arrow and knockback weapons because the islands are quite small so you can often knock people off.


You can play Skyblock Light, New, or Old School.

If you want to play Skyblock in English, you can do this by selecting the furthest right skyblock merchant in the lobby.


I’m not a prison fan but the Mineland Prison seems better than many other servers. It seems realistic to a prison experience and therefore, it feels as if you actually have something to work towards.

You start off at rock bottom without even any tools or food and have to work your way up.

The tutorials of what to do are really clear and simple.

Build Battle

On Mineland built battle, you get 5 minutes to build the item or object listed. Before this, players get 5 options to vote on what they want to build.

Once the 5 minute timer is up, players rate each others builds.

Be as creative as you want, but remember, an incomplete build may harm your mark.


Mineland survival includes an anarchy server and a more normal survival. On the Anarchy server, no rules apply besides chat rules. Survival on Mineland is not as normal as on other survival servers as you can have regions, create and join clans, and participate in clan wars.


When I clicked creative, I was expecting to receive my own plot. I believe you can create you own game but I haven’t figured out how. However, under creative is a ton of arcade games. I was wondering where these arcade games were as they advertise them on their website. These arcade games range from TNT wars, parkour games, and much more.