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MineMalia has a large community player base that has been around since 2012. It offers several gamemodes which can you switch between as you please.  We are confident you will love this server with all its custom features and plugins to enhance your gameplay experience.

How to Join MineMalia

What MC Versions can I Join MineMalia on?

This server supports multiple MC versions. However, the most common versions are the latest 1.19 editions. 

It is important to remember that new versions are continuously being added so this may have changed to 1.20 or newer.

More Details About the MineMalia Gamemodes

Here is more information about the MineMalia gamemodes.


There are two survival realms. One realm is still on 1.17, whilst the new realm can be played on any version between 1.17 to the latest 1.19.

Both servers have similar features such as: quests, chest shops, player warps, PvP disabled, no raiding and griefing allowed, custom enchants, as well as much more.

A difference between the two realms is that the 1.17 survival realm is set to normal difficulty, whilst the 1.19 server is set to hard difficulty.


Play hardcore Minecraft but with a twist. Steal hearts from other players by killing them in PvP battles. But if you lose all of your lives, you receive a temporary death ban. On this Lifesteal server, you may also withdraw hearts to revive others.

Unlike the survival mode, you can raid and grief in Lifesteal, so ensure your base is well hidden. This map is played on normal difficulty.

Prison Escape

Can you escape this prison? Work your way through the A-Z ranks and 20 prestiges to do so. Build gangs, build on plots, and defeat bosses on your way to freedom.

At the beginning, we found that using the public mines was a more efficient and quicker money-making method than using the starter mines. The melons and dirt areas provided the best money-to-time ratio. 


Start on one block and mine it to grow your resources. Only that one starting block can regenerate. Can you create the number 1 island?

This OneBlock server has multiple phases. For example, each phase may include a different biome so you can access various building blocks and materials.

PvP is turned off and there is a strict no raiding and griefing rule.

Other cool additions include chunk hoppers, McMMO, leaderboards, competitions, player warps, enhanced composters, and more.

Creative Plots

This is definitely one of the coolest creative servers in Minecraft. There are many unique features that many other servers do not have.

These include:

  • Vehicles- you can buy tractors, cars, racing cars, helicopters, and more. Have fun driving these around your plots. Maybe create a little go-karting track to race your friends?
  • Heads shop- buy a custom head to roam around in.
  • Plot ratings- go around and rate other builds.
  • Access up to 5 plots
  • World edit- gain access to this by voting


Choose from 14 starter islands to begin your Skyblock adventure.

Earn money by using the shop or creating your very own island shop. Upgrade your island with the cash you earn. These are the upgrades you can get:

  • Hopper increase- For $1,000,000 to level 2, you can increase your island’s hopper limit to 70.
  • Crop growth- Increase the rate at which crops on your island grow. The cost to level 2 is $500,000
  • Spawner boost- Improve the spawn speed of all spawners on your island. Upgrading to level 2 costs $500,000 for a 1.5x speed increase.
  • Border size- Each island has an island border where you cannot build or go beyond this point. So when you’re running out of room, you can spend $30,000 to increase your border to 70 blocks. This is to level 2. Additional levels may cost more.
  • Generator boost- Purchasing this upgrade will increase your chances of receiving ores from your cobblestone generator. Level 2 costs $25,000 and provides a 92% chance of stone, 5% coal ore, and 3% redstone ore.
  • Premium drops- This upgrade increases the chances mobs drop loot. The level 2 upgrade costs $1,000,000 for a 1.5x increase.
  • Members size- If you need to add more friends to your island, you can increase the limit to 8 members for $50,000. You might be able to add more with extra levels.
  • Minecart increase- Set your max minecart limits to 8.


Build bases, raid enemies, and grind your way to the top of the /F top leaderboard.

Check out our best Factions servers and scroll down below to find our guide on MC Factions.


Show off your PvP skills in 1v1 and 2v2 combat arenas. This mode has ELO ranks. Gain ELO as you win but drop ELO when you lose.

There are 3 possible realms to join Duels. These are Duels Diamond, Duels Netherite, and Duels CustomKit. The only differences are the gear that you fight with.

On each realm, you can play unranked or ranked duels. There are plenty of PvP duels to choose from, including Archer, Tank, Warrior, UHC, and more.


Skywars can be played on solos, duos, trios, or squads. Before each game, a vote takes place for what type of loot the chests hold. Players can vote for basic, normal, or OP loot.

After a while, chests refill and a final event takes place.


Protect your bed and destroy your opponents’ bed. Respawns are disabled when your bed is destroyed. This does not mean you are out but your chances of winning reduce enormously.


PvP inside one huge arena. This endless combat arena is designed for you to practice your PvP skills. 

Gain coins to purchase kits and use kit abilities to help climb the leaderboard.

This KitPvP server has bounties and assists integrated.


With 9 unique maps, you can select an easy, medium, or hard difficulty, as well as, a normal or hardcore mode. Some maps contain special blocks.

Arcade/ Minigames

MineMalia offers extra games for you to enjoy. These are:

  • Party games
  • Temple run
  • TnT run
  • Quake
  • TnT tag
  • Splegg