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The Mineplex server used to be the most popular server in Minecraft. Its player base has dropped off massively but it is still regarded as one of the most popular and prestigious servers still running.

How to Join Mineplex

This video showcases the Mineplex server IP. Unfortunately, only the US servers are still running. If you try to connect to the EU servers, you should be redirected to the US servers. If you are playing on pocket edition, just replace the ‘us’ with ‘pe’. If you are having issues connecting, then feel free to comment on this blog and I will try and respond as soon as possible.

What MC Versions can I Join Mineplex on?

Mineplex is compatible with the new 1.19 MC version.

What is Mineplex?

Mineplex is a multiplayer Minecraft server consisting of over 40 game modes such as draw my thing, skywars, capture the flag, bridges, and many more. Games are constantly being removed and added depending on popularity so you will never be short on mini-games to play.

With this being a multiplayer server, it means you are able to play with friends. Once you have joined the server, type the command /party invite (your friend’s username). You may have to join the same lobby but this should not be the case. Once your friends have accepted the invitation and have partied up, only the party leader will need to search for a game and you will all join.

Is Mineplex Dying?

The answer is clear, Yes! This does not mean you cannot still join and play. Hundreds of players are still actively playing the server at once so it is still one of the most popular servers. But to say Mineplex used to attract tens of thousands of online players, this is a massive decrease.

I read on a discussion on the Mineplex forums saying that it is because of Hypixel and Minecraft losing popularity. I half agree with this statement. Hypixel has definitely replaced Mineplex taking the number one spot but I don’t think Minecraft is losing popularity. Millions of players still logon to Minecraft daily which doesn’t suggest Minecraft is dying to me.