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Owned by the NeoCubest, NeoNetwork is a relatively new server that was released in 2022. They have been adding new gamemodes to their server slowly, ensuring each game is of the highest quality it can be.

How to Join the NeoNetwork

What MC Versions can Play NeoNetwork on?

The server recommends you join all 3 gamemodes in 1.19.


Here is more information about the gamemodes available on this server.


Start your adventure in the skies with a unique twist on the classic Skyblock mode.

This Skyblock server has custom features that include: mcMMO, ore generators, island servants, island missions, personal missions, custom enchants, and more.

When creating your island, you have an option of 20 different starting islands. These range from a large coral island to a one-block island.

Each island has a lucky block that you can break 10 times per hour. This can give you the necessary items for you to expand.


An open multiplayer survival world filled with jobs, bosses, quests, achievements, and more.

You can select two out of the following 7 jobs: Lumberjack, Miner, Builder, Farmer, Hunter, Sorcerer, or Artisan. Each job provides extra income for selling certain items. For example, equipping the Lumberjack role earns you money for selling wood.


Farming, mining, slaying, or chopping certain items, animals, or mobs gain your mastery points. These are used to level up your mastery tier for that object. The higher your mastery tier, the better rewards you receive. For example, the tier 11 Logs mastery grants you a 1.5x sell bonus. This can be useful to link with the Lumberjack job. 

Dragon Bosses

Defeating dragon bosses can reward you with dragon armor. Type /dboss to find out all the different armor you can obtain and what their benefits are. 

There are many more custom features added to this survival server such as pets, enchants, and more. Go to /warp tutorial to learn more.


When reviewing this server, the Prison realm was in the process of resetting into a new season so we will try and come back at a later date to provide more information on it.