OneBlock Servers To Join

Click on the server you wish to join to find out the OneBlock server IP.

How to Join a OneBlock Minecraft Server

Select which server you would like to join from the list above. Each individual server page showcases an IP address to join OneBlock. Copy this OneBlock server address. 

Then make sure you have launched Minecraft in the correct version. That is also displayed on the server’s page further down. Click on ‘multiplayer’, then Add Server, and paste that OneBlock IP into the ‘server address’ box.

What is Minecraft OneBlock

OneBlock is a challenging gamemode designed to really test your Minecraft survival skills.

You start on one block. Yes, only one!

This block regenerates into a random block, allowing you to expand out. Most servers start with plain biome blocks until you rank up to underground blocks and rarer biomes.

It is important to remember your starting block as this is the only block that regenerates. Marking a circle around this starting point with a noticeable block is the best solution.

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How to Survive in Minecraft OneBlock

Your two primary objectives have to be island expansion and gathering food. Similar principles apply in normal survival worlds. In the beginning, wooden planks will spawn frequently so it is important to use these to make your crafting table and the important tools such as a pickaxe, spade, and axe.

The one good thing about the food situation is that you won’t be running around, meaning you won’t need to eat for a while. However, it is still essential to get a food source as quickly as possible. Every so often, an animal will spawn when you mine the starting block. But before this happens, most servers provide a lucky chest spawn which provides fences and a lead. Make sure you have expanded enough with a small fenced area to put the animals in. A lucky chest may also contain water and seeds for you to start a crop farm.


When resources are limited at the beginning, expanding your island with slabs saves a lot of spare building blocks. This can be done with wooden or cobble slabs.

Protecting your Resource Block

As you progress through the levels by mining your block, you may want to start thinking about blocking it off but leaving a gap for you to break and kill anything that spawns. This is because mobs will spawn when you advance into the underground, ocean, nether, and more stages. 

You should also consider building a blocked-off area around your resource block with non-flammable blocks such as cobblestone. If a blaze spawns then your wooden island is in big danger of a fire spread.

Emergency Water Stream

Having an emergency water stream can be a life-saving yet simple tactic to use on your OneBlock survival island.

If you fall, you can catch yourself in the water stream. It may take a while to get back up but at least you won’t lose all of your items and gear.

As you expand, having an emergency water stream every so often ensures you can catch one at whatever point on your island you fall off.

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Nether & End Portals

On most servers, accessing the Nether and End is not forbidden. Gathering up enough resources to build your Nether and End portals is a good way to explore open areas and gather resources quickly.

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