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OPBlocks is an established Minecraft server with a large player base. Use the Java or Bedrock server IP to the left (depending on which Minecraft you play) to join this server. Famous YouTubers such as JeromeASF record and play on this server.

How to Join the OPBlocks Server

What MC Versions can I Join OPBlocks on?

You can play OPBlocks on the latest MC versions, 1.19.

More Details About the OPBlocks Gamemodes

Here is more information about all of the available gamemodes on OPBlocks.


A gamemode bringing Pokemon into Minecraft. To start your pokemon adventure and join other pokemon trainers, type /modpack and follow the link to get started. The mod pack is a required element of Pixelmon as it will display all the pokemon and other pokemon characteristics to enhance your experience.

Survival SMP

This survival server is played with all other online players. You can claim your land to stop people griefing your builds.

A cool feature on this survival server is the job roles. You can select two jobs at once. In your selected jobs, you must get certain materials which you are then able to sell to earn money. For example, you might select the builder and hunter as your two jobs. As a builder, you must place blocks in order to get placed. You receive $0.01 per stone and cobblestone you place down and it increases with the rarity of the block. For the hunter, you get paid for killing animals and mobs. In this job, you earn $5 per chicken, cow, sheep, or pig you kill, and this value increases on mobs and rarer animals.

The aim of the game is to become the richest player on the survival server.


Most Prison servers require players to rank up by reaching a certain cash goal. However, on this server, you have to complete quests to be able to rank up. The starter quests include selling $100 worth of blocks, upgrading your backpack, and farming 10 crops.  For each quest you complete, you receive a pouch where the reward is random. These can be useful to earn some quick money. 

Once you have completed all the quests, you can then prestige to the next level. For each prestige level, you receive a prestige point. You can spend these points to increase certain attributes. For example, you can spend it on Treasure Hunter which increases your chances of finding a crate when mining.

How far can you go in this Prison server?


You have plenty of Skyblock islands to choose from. 

Whichever island you start on, all of them will have a lucky block generator. You can mine this lucky block 10 times an hour to receive awesome loot and materials.

There is also a One Block island you can create. On this island, you literally start on one block and have to expand out. The one block you start on is a lucky block. Again, it can only be mined 10 times per hour. 


On this creative server, you can select the size of your plot:

  • Small is 51 x 51 blocks
  • Medium is 101 x 101 blocks 
  • Large is 201 x 201 blocks

You can have multiple plots so the large plot might not always be the best as you have more room to fill.

Players can vote for their favorite plots which gets added to the all-time plot leaderboard.