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Penguin.GG is a rapidly growing Minecraft community that was released in 2022. This server is owned by SB737 who is a Minecraft YouTuber with almost 4 million subscribers! Join this server to play with SB737 and his community.

How to Join Penguin.GG

What MC Versions can I Join Penguin.GG on?

All the latest versions including 1.19.

More Details About the Penguin.GG Gamemodes

Here is more information about the Penguin.GG Skyblock and survival modes.


This server has definitely taken a twist on Skyblock which I think is a fantastic way of mixing it up. Many servers offer the same Skyblock modes and its hard to distinguish a difference between them.

On this Skyblock server, there are more unique options for what type of starter island you can opt for. These options include the default, a penguin island, an ice biome, a coral theme, and many more biome themes.

Another unique feature of this Skyblock server is lucky blocks. You can break up to 10 lucky blocks per hour and the rewards are random. The rewards are not too extreme but they are very useful especially when you are limited to materials.

In the /shop, it can be important to make full use of the ‘Rotating Shop’. The items listed in this area for a period of time have an enhanced sell multiplier meaning you get more value for money.

When you have developed your island and want to make it public for other players to see it, type /is public to give others permission to visit your island.


Survival is new on this server. There are a few standout features on this survival server. Firstly, you can find a job by typing /jobs or visiting the jobs merchant located at spawn. Jobs available are as follows:

  • Lumberjack- Chop down trees to earn money. We recommend building a tree farm if you opt for this job.
  • Miner- Mining minerals and ores will earn you money in this job. Perfect if you love exploring caves.
  • Builder- Build to earn money. The ideal job for those wanting to build cool structures.
  • Farmer- Earn money by harvesting crops and breeding animals.
  • Hunter- Kill animals and mobs to earn money. This job can be useful if you set up a mob grinder.
  • Sorcerer- In this job you need to enchant and brew items to earn your money.
  • Artisan- Craft, fish, and cook to earn money in this job.