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PikeNetwork is a popular Minecraft server network that is active to thousands of players. It is available for players to join on Java and cracked Minecraft.

Since it was released in 2014, the server has since added a wide range of your favorite gamemodes. Use the PikaNetwork IP to connect, and join their Discord server to chat with others and find out new updates.

How to Join Pika Network

What MC Versions can I Join PikaNetwork on?

This server runs on the latest 1.19 versions but you should be able to join from 1.8 and higher.

More Details About the PikaNetwork Gamemodes

Here is more information about the more popular PikaNetwork gamemodes.


This server has one of the largest multiplayer survival spawns. It uses emeralds as their currency, has interactable NPC’s, RPG Quests to complete, plus many more awesome features


Can you become the number one Faction by raiding, defending your base, winning PvP battles, grinding, winning open events, and more?

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