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The Pixelmon Realms is one of the most popular Pixelmon servers on Minecraft. Find out the Pixelmon Realms server IP and how to install the Pixelmon Realms modpack on this page.

How to Join the Pixelmon Realms Server

What MC Versions can I Join Pixelmon Realms on?

This Pixelmon Realms Minecraft server can be played on all 1.19 versions and it runs the Pixelmon reforged 9.1.3 plugin.

How to Install the Pixelmon Realms Modpack

To play on the Pixelmon Realms server, you must install their modpack. This should be a straightforward task if you follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Download the Pixelmon Realms Launcher

2. Open up the Download

Open up the Pixelmon Realms launcher that you just installed. It should have appeared at the bottom of your browser. If not, just open up your download folder and open it from there.

how to install pixelmon realms modpack

3. Installation Options

Select ‘Only for me’ unless other users on your computer wish to use the same modpack. Then click ‘next’.


pixelmon realms modpack

4. Save to D: Drive

You can save the Pixelmon Realms modpack to either your C: drive or your D: drive. I chose to install the modpack to my D: drive because this storage system has more space and I recommend you doing the same.

pixelmon realms installation

5. Login with Microsoft

Login with the same Microsoft account that is linked to your Minecraft account.

how to install pixelmon in minecraft

6. Done!

Now you’re ready to click play!

This may take a while for the first time as everything needs to be installed but after the first time, it should be much quicker.

how to play pixelmon in minecraft