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How to Join a Pixelmon Minecraft Server

Some Pixelmon servers allow an automatic installation of the Pixelmon modpack. However, some servers require you to manually install it. It doesn’t take long if you follow the instructions provided by the server or by us. If you click on the Pixelmon server IP you wish to join, we explain if that Pixelmon server requires you to manually install the modpack and how to do so.

What is Minecraft Pixelmon?

Pixelmon combines the two games Pokemon and Minecraft together. It can be played in an open survival world or more popularly, a set Pixelmon map.

In an open Pixelmon survival world, you do everything you would in survival but with the added catching pokemon element to it. So you must build a home, and survive in the wild while catching as many pokemon as you can to add to your Pokedex.

The more popular Pixelmon gamemode is playing on a set map created by that server. All maps are different between the servers. In this gamemode, your primary focus is catching pokemon to improve your Pokedex as you cannot build or place blocks. These maps have located villages where you can access Pokestops, medical centers, gyms, and more.

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How many Pokemon is there to catch?

There are two main objectives in Pokemon, to get the best pokemon possible to win battles and gym badges and to also catch every pokemon in the game to complete your Pokedex. But exactly how many pokemon are there to catch in Minecraft Pixelmon?

At the moment, most Pixelmon Minecraft servers use the same mod/plugin. This means most servers have the same number of pokemon to catch and use identical generations of pokemon. On the official Pixelmon modpack, it used 9 pokemon generations which has 915 pokemon available to catch. 

From these pokemon, there are 27 starters (3 from each generation) and you get to choose 1 to begin you Pixelmon journey with. If you don’t select a starter pokemon from generation 1 (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) then are you a true pokemon fan?

How to Find Pokemon in Minecraft Pixelmon

Pokemon are scattered around the map. They despawn after 10 minutes so you have to catch them quickly.

However, each pokemon doesn’t spawn in a random location. Each one only spawns in certain biomes, weathers, times, or even structures.

Here are a few examples:

Example 1- Lapras Spawn Locations and Times

Lapras is a water and ice-type pokemon from the very first generation. 

Therefore, it can be found in all ocean-type biomes such as the normal ocean, deep ocean, frozen ocean, and more.

It will only spawn during dusk and dawn. Basically when the sun is setting or rising.

If you do happen to find this rare pokemon, it will be located on the ocean’s surface.

lapras pixelmon

Example 2- Pansear Spawn Locations and Times

Pansear is a fire-type pokemon from the fifth generation. It is a more common pokemon than Lapras meaning it spawns more frequently.

It can be found in any jungle biome and spawns at any point during the day and night.

If you do happen to find this fire pokemon, it is usually located on the top of jungle trees.

Pansear Pixelmon

Example 3- Chikorita Spawn Locations and Times

Chikorita is a grass-type pokemon from the second generation. It is a more common pokemon than Lapras but less common than Pansear.

It can be found in 3 biomes which are: plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests.

It spawns on the surface at any point during the day.

To find out this type of information for all 915 pokemon, visit the Pixelmon site.

Legendary Pokemon

From the 9 generations, there are tons of legendary pokemon to catch. These are the rarest and best pokemon in the game.

If you are in the correct conditions (biome, time, weather, or structure) then a legendary pokemon has a chance to spawn every 12-30 minutes. Remember this is not guaranteed! 

Catching a legendary pokemon in Minecraft Pixelmon is not easy. When using a regular Pokeball or Ultraball only provides about a 1% chance success rate per throw.