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The perfect server for Pokemon and Minecraft lovers. PokeFind is a pokemon themed Minecraft server where every gamemode has pokemon involved. Find out more about each game below.

How to Join PokeFind

What MC Versions can I Join PokeFind on?

PokeFind can be played on the latest MC version. You might be able to join on older versions but these are not tested.

More Details About the PokeFind Gamemodes

Here is more information about the PokeFind gamemodes.

Pokemon Survival

As you start your Minecraft pokemon adventure, you will be taken to Professor Hemlock. He will explain everything you need to know, let you choose your starter pokemon, and give you your pokegear which stores your pokedex, badges, quests, attributes, and more.

Once Professor Hemlock has finished speaking, type /wild to start your adventure. We recommend playing the first part like Minecraft survival to ensure you have the basic resources and a place to stay.

Once you set up camp, your real pokemon journey begins. Pokemon spawn randomly in the wild. They stay in one spot and respawn after a timer. When you find a pokemon in the wild, throw your starter pokemon at it to fight. Remember, certain pokemon are more effective against others. For example, water pokemon will beat fire pokemon.

If you want to catch pokemon, you need to craft poke balls. Type /recipe then select ‘catching recipes’. 

This will set you on your way to becoming a gym master. Can you collect all of the gym badges?

Pokemon World

Pokemon world gives you the full pokemon experience. On this gamemode, you cannot build or break blocks like you can in the survival version. This world is the ultimate Minecraft x Pokemon journey.

At the start, you can choose your start pokemon. You then have to win your first fight to begin your adventure. You are given 16 poke balls at the beginning so you can use these to catch your first pokemon.

To heal your pokemon, you must visit a poke center which is located in multiple towns across the map.

Catch pokemon to complete the Pokedex and fight against other trainers to boost your rank. Good luck!

Pokemon Skyblock

Just imagine Skyblock with pokemon. The pokemon only come into play when you grind you a good amount of money. You can buy pokemon in the /shop, but you must pay between 50,000 (cheapest) and 5,000,000 (most expensive).

Acquiring a pokemon will help with different tasks. These are all the pokemon you can buy, their cost, and their purpose:

  • Bulbasaur– 100,000 coins – Since Bulbasaur is a grass-type pokemon, he speeds up the growth of your crop farms.
  • Charmander– 50,000 coins – Being a fire-type pokemon, Charmander will increase furnace speeds, reducing the time it takes an item to smelt.
  • Squirtle– 100,000 coins – Go fishing with this water-type pokemon to increase your chances of finding the treasure on the ocean floor.
  • Pichu– 200,000 coins – Pichu, the pre-evolved version of Pikachu uses his electricity power to increase the production of hoppers for a period of time.
  • Sandshrew– 100,000 coins – helpful for digging up sand and gravel from beneath the ground.
  • Vulpix– 500,000 coins- A perfect partner for Sandshrew as Vulpix collects the sand that Sandshrew mines and sometimes smelts them into glass. 
  • Geodude– 50,000 coins – Your very own cobblestone generator without having to place any lava down.
  • Magnemite– 500,000 coins – Give your damaged tools to Magnemite to get them repaired and ready to use again.
  • Gastly– 330,000 coins – spawns mobs nearby. Use this pokemon carefully.
  • Rhyhorn– 1,000,000 coins – Rhyhorn uses his strength to mine stone with ease.
  • Happiny– 3,750,000 coins – This healing pokemon keeps all of your other pokemon happy by splashing potions on them. You must provide it with the potions.
  • Scyther– 300,000 coins – Scyther cuts down any trees in its vicinity and even collects the resources.
  • Tauros– 900,000 coins – A perfect PvP buddy. This pokemon will help you in PvP fights.
  • Magikarp– 100,000 coins – Magikarp attracts predators in the water so be careful. You can use this pokemon to catch these predators.
  • Ditto– 800,000 coins – Encourages animals to breed.
  • Eevee– 1,000,000 coins – Another PvP buddy when you tell it to follow you.
  • Aerodactyl– 5,000,000 coins – The perfect security guard for your island. Aerodactyl takes down mobs one by one. It does not drop XP, but it does get more mob drops.
  • Snorlax– 350,000 coins – Give any valuable items and treasure to your Snorlax and you can guarantee it will be safe.
  • Mewtwo– 3,500,000 coins – Another security guard pokemon if you have a mob problem on your island. 
  • Chikorita– 200,000 coins – Chikorita is the ultimate farming pokemon. It plants seeds so you do not need to keep replacing crops.
  • Delibird– 850,000 coins – Under your command, Delibird will sort items in an organized manner including for other pokemon.
  • Houndour– 500,000 coins – This amazing hunter will kill sheep, chickens, and rabbits and bring you back the loot. Make sure he can’t touch your own animal farms though.
  • Lugia– 4,000,000 coins – Lugia uses its mind to destroy any intruders, including iron golems. 
  • Treecko– 250,000 coins – Treecko will harvest any fully grown crop and store it.