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PokeHub provides a unique Minecraft experience that mixes Pokemon and Minecraft together. 

To play Cobblemon on this server, copy the PokeHub server IP and paste it when adding a new server. There is also a tutorial on how to install the Cobblemon modpack below.

How to Join the PokeHub Server

How to Install the PokeHub Mod

To play on the PokeHub gamemodes, you need to install the official Cobblemon mod. The video below demonstrates a superb tutorial on how to do this.

What MC Versions can I Join PokeHub on?

This server is best to be played on the latest MC versions.

What is Cobblemon?

Cobblemon is an MC modpack that adds Pokemon to your Minecraft game. When installed,  you can catch Pokemon, train up Pokemon, and battle with them. 

What is the Difference between Cobblemon & Pixelmon?

Even though these two mods are very similar and sound the same, a few differences might tempt you into downloading one over the other.

A significant difference between these two mods is their accessibility. Pixelmon mods can be played on versions 1.16.5 or lower, and Cobblemon can be played on the latest 1.19 MC versions.

However, Pixelmon has been around a lot longer than Cobblemon. This means more features and Pokemon are available in the game compared to Cobblemon. On the other hand, Cobblemon includes Pokemon from more generations and implements a wider range of crafting recipes to produce a better balance of Pokemon and Minecraft survival together.

Additionally, since Cobblemon is a newer version, it does run slightly faster than Pixelmon.

Overall, if you are looking for the classic Pokemon experience where Minecraft villages are replaced with gyms and Pokemon centers, then playing Pixelmon servers is probably for you. But if you’re looking for a mix of Pokemon and Minecraft survival, then the new Cobblemon will be your best fit.

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