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PokeSaga is a popular Minecraft Pixelmon server with hundreds of players online at once. Copy the PokeSaga server IP in the green box and find out how to install the PokeSaga modpack below.

How to Join the PokeSaga Minecraft Server

What MC Versions can I Join PokeSaga on?

PokeSaga can be played on versions between 1.16 to the latest 1.19 version.

How to Install the PokeSaga Modpack

In order to play Pixelmon on this server, you must install the PokeSaga modpack. This is easy to do so either follow these written instructions or watch the video below.

Step 1- Install the Technic Launcher

The first step is to install the technic launcher for your platform. You can install it on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Ensure you select the correct platform you play Minecraft on. Click this link that will take you directly to the Technic download launcher:

If you cannot install the Technic launcher, you might need to install Java for windows.

Step 2- Login to the Technic Launcher

Once the installation is complete, you want to go ahead and open it.

You should then see this login screen where you want to use your Mojang/Minecraft account details.  

Step 3- Install the PokemonUltra Modpack

Click the link below to install the PokemonUltra modpack. The installation button is in the top right of the screen.

Step 4- API Code

This next step is really simple.

Copy the full API code on the same page where you just installed the PokemonUltra modpack. Check the image below if you’re unsure where to find it.

how to install pokesaga modpack

Then go back to the Technic Launcher, click Modpacks on the menu bar, and then paste the API code into the search bar. The PokemonUltra mod should appear.

Install the PokemonUltra mod on the Technic launcher and then you’re pretty much ready to go. 

Step 4- Launch Minecraft through the Technic Launcher

Once PokemonUltra has been installed on your Technic launcher app, click play, multiplayer, then add the PokeSaga server IP if you haven’t already. Join the server then you are good to go!