Prison Servers To Join

Click on the server you wish to join to reveal its server ip address and more details about that server.

How to Join a Minecraft Prison Server

If you’re uncertain on how to join a Prison server in Minecraft or where to put the prison server ip, then this video shows you exactly how to do so.

If you wish to join another server to the one showcased in the video, just replace the ‘server address’ bar with the prison server address of your choice. An incorrect spelling will deny access to the serve so ensure you copy it exact.

What is Minecraft Prison?

In Minecraft Prison, your begin your journey at the very bottom prison cell with the aim to progress to the top, gaining access to freedom from the prison. To advance from each cell, you must mine blocks to earn cash. When you obtain enough cash, you can level up to the next ward.

Mining blocks 24/7 can become tedious, so many Prison Minecraft servers offer a variety of mini-games within Prison. These mini-games include horse racing, king of the hill, outpost battles, and more. Players who win these mini-games are rewarded to help them on their Prison journey.

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