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Purple Prison has specialized in running its popular prison server for over 8 years. It provides the best Minecraft prison experience so what are you waiting for, join now using the IP: Prisonfun.com 

How to Join Purple Prison

What MC Versions can I Join Purple Prison on?

On Purple Prison’s Twitter, they state that players can join on versions 1.7 to the latest MC versions.

More Details About Purple Prison

Purple Prison is more of an OP prison server. You get full diamond armor with protection x when you first log in.

Each time you rank up, you get rewarded with a Rankup Crate Key. Go to /warp crates to open it.

How to get Free Items on Purple Prison

To get some free items, visit the ‘Daily Rewards’ villager right next to spawn. You get a free spin every day.

You can also vote for the server to receive a vote crate key. Voting can be done each day to receive free daily items.

How to Start your Purple Prison Adventure

To start earning money and ranking up, type /warp a to begin your prison adventure. You need to grind to 350k to rank up to warp b. This sounds a lot but does not take long with the efficiency 19 diamond pickaxe you get given. When you get a full inventory, type /sellall. This is a cool feature that most servers require you to pay for. It is available for everyone on Purple Prison.

How to Rank Up Quickly on Purple Prison

Each time you rank up, you get rewarded with a Rankup Crate Key. Go to /warp crates to open it. These rank up crates can reward you with an upgraded pickaxe, emerald blocks, and more. Getting lucky and winning emerald blocks in the early warps should mean you can instantly rank up.

At the start, you get given mine bombs. These are best placed in the middle of the mine to use its blast radius to the maximum benefit. One mine bomb will be almost enough to rank you up from warp a to warp b. By using these mine bombs early on, you will rank up through the early warps in no time!

Warp D is quite a small mine so sometimes it might be best to stay in Warp C to use your mine bombs more efficiently, or wait until the mine resets to get more value for money. Mines reset when only 30% blocks remain.