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PvP Legacy Gamemodes


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The PvP Legacy is a 1.16-1.19 Minecraft server that purely focuses on the PvP duels aspect.

Find out more about this server and remember to copy the server IP in the green box to join this server.

How to Join the PvP Legacy Server

What MC Versions can I Join PvP Legacy on?

You can play PvP Legacy on any version between 1.16 to the latest 1.19 version.

More Details About the PvP Legacy Duels

The most popular and most played duels on this server are the custom duels and the OP KitPvP mode.

Custom Duels

You can create your own class and store up to 3 classes.

Join custom duels by clicking on the signs on the wall. Try looking for a lobby with 1/2 players to jump straight into a game.


Select your kit before jumping into the action. Kit selections include:

  • Spearman- Receive a diamond sword along with a trident
  • Ninja- Receive protection I diamond gear with iron leggings, with a sharpness II, sweeping edge III sword
  • Heavy- Full diamond armor in protection II. Sweeping III diamond sword.
  • Pawn- Full diamond armor with no enchants and protection but obtain a sharpness IV, sweeping edge III diamond sword
  • Barbarian- Sharpness I diamond axe with protection II armor. All armor is diamond beside the chest plate being iron.
  • Archer- Start with a power II bow with just over 20 arrows. Sharpness I, sweeping edge III iron sword. Protection I gear with all being diamond but the helmet being chainmail.
  • Marksman- Granted a quickcharge I and piercing I crossbow that comes with 8 arrows of harming that deal instant damage II. Also granted with a sharpness I, sweeping edge III diamond sword. Armor is all protection I. The helmet, chestplate, and boots are diamond. The leggings are chainmail.