PvP Servers To Join

How to Join a PvP Minecraft Server

Most PvP servers are on 1.19 or the latest MC version to ensure you launch Minecraft on the newest versions. To check if a version is compatible, check on the individual server pages above.

The video showcases where to copy the server IP and play the PvP server you want to join. If you don’t want to join the PvP server IP showcased in the video, just replace the IP in the ‘server address’ bar.

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What is Minecraft PvP?

Minecraft PvP stands for Player versus Player. Players compete in a combat fight until 1 player’s hearts have depleted. The combat fight is usually fought with swords, axes, bows, and crossbows, whilst players wear armor and often shields to defend. Other items can be used to aid the fight. Weapons used to attack

PvP Combat points

PvP items have points assigned to them including for offensive and defensive weapons. 2 combat points is equal to 1 heart and a player starts with 10 hearts meaning they can take 20 combat points before their hearts deplete. If a player wears armor, they can withstand more combat points. For example, if a player wears armor that adds 10 combat points, their opponent needs to deal 30 combat points before their hearts are depleted.

These are the combat points for the most used weapons:

PvP items have points assigned to them including offensive and defensive weapons. These are the combat points for the most used weapons:

Swords & Axes

Weapon Recovery Time

After Minecraft 1.16, PvP changed significantly. You could no longer just continually swing your weapon and get combo hits. Now, each weapon has its own recovery time, meaning you won’t deal as much damage if you immediately swing one after another. All swords have the same attack speed of 1.6 seconds. However, axes vary depending on the material. Wooden axes have a shorter recovery time to a diamond axe but obviously deal way less damage. To take full advantage of this recovery time, try and practice achieving the perfect timing between swings. To know when you can swing again, a tiny sword icon loads up as it is recovering.  


Enchantments are a way to increase these damage points to improve your chances at winning a PvP combat fight. 

Protection, Sharpness & Power

Protection improves your armor’s defense points and allows you to take more damage and hits. There are 4 protection enchantments, protection 1, 2, 3, and 4. The higher the number, the better the protection.

Sharpness improves your sword or axes attack points so it should take less hits to diminish your opponents hearts. Unlike protection, you can go up to a sharpness 5 instead of 4.

A power enchantment can be used on a bow or crossbow. A full charged bow without any power enchantment deals 9-10 damage (4.5-5 hearts). A bow with a higher power enchantment will deal more damage.

These are the common enchantments to improve your chances at winning a PvP fight. These are some more enchantments to help you in PvP:

Fire Aspect & Fire Protection

A fire aspect enchant can be put on a sword, axe, bow, or any other weapon used to deal damage. When you hit your opponent with any weapon containing a fire aspect, they catch fire which deals further damage. Fire deals a damage rate of 1 heart per second so this can be a massive advantage in a PvP fight.

To counter a player using fire aspect, you will need to drink either a fire protection potion or put a fire protection enchant on all of your armor pieces.

Knockback & Punch

Knockback and punch enchants send your opponent flying backwards. A knockback can be put on weapons such as swords and axes. A punch enchant can be put on bows and crossbows. These do not deal further damage but can be useful in situations where you are fighting near drops where you can push your opponent off to take fall damage.

Critical Hits

A critical hit deals 50% more damage in Minecraft. This is a massive advantage even if 1 player deals 1 more critical hit than their opponent. To get a critical hit, you must jump and hit your opponent mid-air. 


With the latest Minecraft updates, players can have an item in their offhand. In PvP, a shield is best to use in this offhand. The idea is to hit then use your shield to block your opponents hit. If you manage to block your opponents hit then you take no damage. Beware when fighting against axes because an axe has a chance of disabling your shield for 5 seconds.