Skyblock Servers To Join

How to Join a Minecraft Skyblock Server

This short video showcases exactly how to join a Skyblock server in Minecraft. 

The Skyblock server IP used in this video were the original founders of this gamemode. However, you may prefer to join any of the cool servers listed above. If so, just change the server address to the server you want to join. All server addresses are revealed by clicking the server’s image above.

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How to Start Skyblock

When you join the skyblock server, type /newisland to get started. This command may differentiate for other servers than the one we showcased in the video. If at any point you wish to restart, type /newisland replace and then /newisland yes. This will delete all your current island progress, so be sure you want to restart!

Best Minecraft Skyblock Tips

On the Hypixel Skyblock, you get given about an 80-dirt block island, which is pretty tiny, resulting in not even a 6×6 platform. Starting islands on other servers varies.  All servers give you a tree and a chest. Within the chest are a few necessity items. You must not neglect any of the items given as they all become important.

Step 1

Make a wooden pickaxe. Don’t mine the whole tree just yet, just enough to craft yourself a wooden pickaxe. You then want to make a cobblestone generator. The island is very small at first so we need to expand before we make any farms.

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft Skyblock

  1. In a straight line, mine 1 dirt block, leave 1 block, mine 2 blocks deep, then mine 1 block. Remember to collect your dirt blocks as you have limited resources!
  2. Then place the bucket of lava inside the 1-block hole. And the ice on the other side on top of the 1 block you mined, not the two. Then break the ice so it flows down. 
  3. Create a space for you to mine. Mine the replacing dirt block and it will generate a cobblestone block. Use your pickaxe and you have unlimited cobblestone!
  4. Upgrade to a stone pickaxe

Step 2

Using your cobblestone, expand the island around the tree. Mine the tree then collect the saplings. It is important you expand the island enough so the saplings do not drop off. Replant the saplings and repeat the process each time the tree fully grows.

Step 3 - Infinite Water Source Tutorial

The next step is to create an infinite water pool. 

1. Create a 2×2 square that is 1 block deep. Ensure there is a floor supporting underneath.

2. Temporarily pick up the water from the cobblestone generator as you will need 2 sources of water.

3. Place the remaining ice block in one corner of the 2×2 square and then the bucket of water in the opposite corner.

4. Break the ice and that will create your infinite water source. You can then replace the water for the cobblestone generator.

Step 4 - Food Farms

We now need to prioritize food! 

On some servers, you are given 1 melon and a melon seed so let’s make a melon farm. Obviously you may need to adapt depending on what ingredients you are given.

Years ago, I created a general tutorial on how to make a melon farm in Minecraft. The same concept applies. Just decrease the size as obviously you don’t have as much room in Skyblock.

Items needed to make a melon farm- Dirt, nearby water, a Hoe, and melon seeds.

Step 5 - Mob Farms

Mobs can play an important role to gain key items such as ores, enchants, armor etc from what they can drop. Some servers do not allow mobs to spawn and instead offer a /warp to an area to grind mob drops. A tutorial on how to make a mob farm in Minecraft is coming soon on our website so stay tuned for that!

These types of farms require a lot of space so you best get mining that infinite cobblestone generator!

Step 6

Once you have some fundamentals to your islands, you are free to expand, design and build whatever you wish!

Frequently Asked Skyblock Questions

These are some common questions that skyblock players are searching.

How to play Skyblock with a friend

On the Skyblock server IP we showcased in the video, the island leader should type /coop invite [name] This may be different on another Minecraft Skyblock server address.

How to join a Modded Skyblock server

Modded skyblock servers or OP skyblock servers can defeat the purpose of skyblock. That is my opinion as it becomes so much easier to survive and expand your island.

But if you are interested in modded skyblock servers, here is a Minecraft modded skyblock server IP:

How to join a 1-Block Skyblock Server

A 1 block skyblock server is a lot different to the standard, traditional skyblock servers. In this type of skyblock mode, you start on 1 singular block. You can jump to other singular blocks that are located within jumping distance of each other. So you will need your parkour skills to come in handy!

1 block skyblock server IP address: